6 Graphic Design Trends to Bookmark for 2016

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A New Year accounts for new ways right? Whether its branding or marketing, designers need to keep themselves updated about design trends. The cut-throat competition out there doesn’t give you space to chill; you need to face the world of design like a smart fox!

Considering you will need a hefty design guide to survive yet another year, I’ve collected a series of graphic design trends that you need to keep to your heart, or at least BOOKMARK them! Click on the titles below to see the guides, get inspired and take a note of all that’s useful.

Design the Web

Developers and designers, hear up. Your responsibility will increase ever more than before. Of course, because everything is about the internet and the web these days. From a little kid to an elderly man, everyone uses smartphones, personal computers and iPads to stay connected and up-to-date. Look at these trends that’ll enhance web user-interface and user-experience on any device.


Rock Your Logo

How can any brand be complete without a logo? Not possible, people. The year 2016 is all about customizing design, and giving an essence of personalization via handmade typography. Also, thinking that old is no more gold will be a mistake. Retro and vintage will be back in the game. Check out this infographic to know more logo design trends that you need to opt for if you want to stay in business this year.

Rock Your Logo

Color That Thing

Remember Charlie Chaplin movies? Fun yet something was missing — you got that right, COLORS! Designers are always in a dilemma of choosing the correct color for their designs. To solve these color problems, they use programs like Adobe Kuler, techniques like the color wheel, or Pantone’s yearly color palettes to get started. Use this guide to know what’s in for 2016, so that not only do you add the right hues but your color choice is also trendy.

Color That Thing

“Appify” Everything

Portable and wearable devices have conquered the tech territory, and designers should know all about the latest in app design. The year 2016 will transform design innovations for all application platforms from Android iOS phones to smart watches. There will be many changes in UI; and cloud-based technology will reshape this trend. Take a look at this infographic to know more about app design trends.

App Design Predictions

Typography Fever

Designers and specialized typographers continuously develop new typefaces and awesome ways to mold letters and words into new forms, and even images. Typography has come a long way from Gutenberg’s letter blocks to everything digitized. Here is an article from Creative Bloq highlighting top typography trends for 2016.

Typography Fever

Typography Trends

Wait a minute, not so fast! There’s more to typography this year. To be successful in 2016 you need more trends. Yes, you also need to know how to accomplish these typography techniques. It’s no more about being “contemporary”, it’s all about customization. Know the trends, use them and tell us how things worked out.


Now that you’re equipped with all the up-to-the-minute knowledge about the graphic, web and marketing sphere. Using these trends, you can create outstanding and rich logo designs, branding stationery, digital and print marketing materials, and also any other thing that you’re beginning to create.

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