Graphic Design Trivia

The dictionary calls facts that are random and distinctively useless in their informative value, ‘trivia.’ I, am a self-confessed trivia addict. It may come from the fact that I have two kids who love to ask questions (or it is just a genetic mutation), either way, this graphic design trivia infographic has facts that are all useless but fascinating, nevertheless.

To start off, consider that Claude Garamond, was a legendary typographer who is actually considered responsible for the creation of modern letterforms and many of the typefaces designers use today. The guy died in poverty at age eighty-one….sad, but so many designers in the era of crowdsourcing can connect with that right? It is a brutally competitive field! However, none of that morbid thinking right now, this infographic is full of lighthearted trivia for graphic designers everywhere. Enjoy!

Graphic Design Trivia Infographic

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