Popular Graphics from UK that Maintain Visual and Verbal Harmony

The United Kingdom has long been a haven for designers and art lovers from all around the world. With such a rich history in art and media, the UK’s highly developed media industry is one of the most revered when it comes to quality graphics. The country is home to some of the biggest names in the industry like Pentagram and GBH (Gregory Bonner Hale). This has enabled the industry to grow at an unprecedented rate and make UK the place to be at when it comes to the graphics industry.

The collection below emphasizes graphics that both contain an essence of the rich culture of the UK and showcase the elaborate history its artists have inherited. From the master pieces of the 17th century to the exquisite art produced by the millennial generation, UK has some of the finest artists in the world. Is there something to do with the traits of English designers that make them so distinct?

In this illustrative article, I’ve chosen visuals that emphasize the importance of the principle of visual and verbal harmony. Why is this important? For one, it makes graphics self-revealing and helps them convey the message in an effective manner to the right audience. This makes them important for the communicator and helps the viewer understand the central theme behind an image.

So let’s dive into this appealing UK graphic collection and appreciate how verbal and visual harmony is at play:

The Weetabix Branding

An image that is so uplifting and energizing, it makes you love the product.

The Wheetabix branding for UK

Book Cover of “The Hobbit

The book cover depicts the serene surroundings that set the background for a mythical yet adventurous story and conveys how the story unfolds.

The UK Cover of “The Hobbit

The Comedy King Rowan Atkinson

A portrait of Rowan Atkinson made up of colorful collage above signifies the many facets of his comedic flair.

This depiction of the comedy king from UK

Movie Poster of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

With a vicious look to it, the cover conveys the central theme of the movie.


The Well-Known Tesco Branding

The warmth and enthusiasm of this image resonates with the brand’s identity.

The well known Tesco branding

The Branding for BBC’s Writers Room

An effective graphic conveying the message in a simple yet effective manner.

The Branding for BBC’s Writers Room

The Reebok Branding for a T-shirt

It emphasizes the values of strength and devotion so central to the Reebok brandThe Rebook Branding for a T-shirt

The Summer/Spring Cover Design for the Dash Magazine

This abstract cover denotes the passion the magazine writers have for fashion and the different categories of the fashion industry it covers.

The summerspring cover for The Dash magazine UK

The BBC’s iPlayer Branding

A model of simplicity, this graphic clearly conveys the brand’s relation to the media industry and also hints towards the online functionality of the iPlayer.


NHS’ Brand and Slogan

An image that conveys the local attachment of the UK’s National Health Service to its people.

NHS’ Brand and Slogan

The Natural History Museum

The graphic depicts the central theme quite well with the large graphic superposition of the plant’s image.

The Natural History Museum

The Sheffield University’s Monogram

The branding adequately conveys the rich educational background of the University of Sheffield.

The Sheffield University’s Monogram

Manchester United’s Wallpaper

The red in its branding represents the ambition with which its players are ready to play the game and the logo is self-representative of this team’s rich background in football.

Manchester United’s Wallpaper

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