Green Logos Rule

14 Instances Green Logos Rule the World!

Feature Image Source: Hal Jordan, Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Post Updated (Dec 14 2016)

Recently Pantone color institute announced the color of the year 2017 greenery and the news has caught the internet by storm. The experts at this institute have been releasing the color of the year since 1999 and their word matters in home décor, fashion, packaging and various other industries. Logo design and brand color palettes are no exception. In this post, we will see how some tech industries would like to be associated with the color of nature.

greeneryImage Source: Pantone
It’s not just logos that are going green. With the coming year, we can also witness the development of green spaces to get close to nature and focus on recycling both indoor and outdoor products. It seems like the nature’s balance system within us is trying to bring us back to life. This year has been no different. But before they rolled out their color greenery for 2017, LogoDesignGuru had predicted golden rod that was chosen on a similar idea. It’s a revitalizing shade that symbolizes new beginnings. It has a fresh and zesty appeal that reflects the first few days of spring.

But if we go by Robert Frost’s logic, “Nature’s first green is gold”, then golden rod doesn’t seem too far-fetched either. Anyways, this life-affirming shade, greenery is here to stay. Or is it the other way round. Do you feel the hue is worth embracing? Share your thoughts in comments and enjoy a free roundup of completed logos.


Green is famously known as the color of life. Do you see it that way? It is the most popular color after blue. Commonly used in expressions such as green with envy or the green-eyed monster will give an impression that the color is associated with jealousy. Universally, green is known as the color of life renewal, nature and energy. When the brands pick shades of green, they intend to display certain brand attributes such as growth, safety, harmony, fertility and natural. There are certain colors suitable for every industry. Usually you will notice green in the food industry, banking or finance sector, and sports, recreation and tourism.

When you are out to select the primary color to represent your brand identity, a random selection is never a good idea, for every color has its meaning. In order to represent your brand image correctly, you should know the meaning and used of colors in logo design. In this article, we will explore the effects and attributes of green taken up by the top brands.

shades of green

The Psychology Of Green Color

The psychology of Green color when it is pale and muted by tinting or toning with white or gray, usually creates a very relaxing environment. These colors will work well in a spa or health clinic. Greens darkened with black to create shades can be very masculine and mysterious. These are often used in corporate offices and restaurants.

The color Green is the most relaxing color to the eye optically because of its spectral wavelength. However the range of different Greens is very broad. Check out how these top brands have applied the shades of green according to their brand attributes.















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