The Guru’s Brand Book

The Guru’s Brand Book: Our Logos, Your Inspiration

The brand identity of a company, of any organization, is a blend of several things and factors coming together. If any one of them fails to deliver as expected, your brand identity will struggle, and you risk becoming lost to obscurity. It is crucial, therefore, for you to get all the ingredients just right, primary among which is logo design.

Your logo is the first impression your clients and customers get of your company. You need it to be perfect. You need the concept, the design, every single element, and the colors and the fonts to flow together seamlessly. So, how do you make sure you achieve said perfection? One way is to consider what has come before – to view designs which have proven to be successful.

“The Guru’s Brand Book delivers the necessary inspiration – with 190 unique and creative logo designs from practically every industry around the world.”
The pages of this Logo Design Guru Magazine exhibit a breathtaking variety of logos – Iconic, Logotype, and Combination Marks. You will find ideas within not only for overall logo design, but for colors and fonts, shapes and symbols, images, motif, and patterns. Put together, they will help you not just with the visual design for your logo, but will provide the stimulus for your entire brand image design.

The cut-throat competition of today’s business environment, and the ever more fickle customer preferences, you cannot afford to slip up at any stage of your brand identity’s design process. Especially not with logo design. A poorly made logo will only serve to destroy your reputation, and chase away your customers, before you can blink and say brand image.

Logo Design Guru, with years of experience providing absolute satisfaction to thousands of customers, helps ensure you do not make mistakes. Browse through The Guru’s Brand Book, and find all the inspiration, and the perfect logo you need to effectively establish your reputation, regardless of industry and type of business.

The Guru’s Brand Book

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