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#GuruChats Highlights: Back To The Future With Customer Experience

Tell you what, it is the smile on someone’s face serving the cookie that makes the treat sweeter.

Today we’re heading towards a future that holds something immersive and exciting, full of magic and surprise. In just three years, customer experience (CX) will become a key brand differentiator topping both product and price. In this #GuruChats we discussed how businesses are capitalizing evolving technology, micro-moments and changing buying habits to create a seamless buyer’s journey.

Our wonderful guests Cristina Roman, Jade Alberts, James Bowen and Brain Blender enlightened us with insights, strategies and case studies focused on creating and maintaining a customer-centric culture. They shared tweets about brands walking an extra mile to inform and entertain customers for leads, conversions, loyalty and ambassadors.

Things we’ll cover:

  • what’s customer experience
  • customer experience strategy
  • technology and customer experience
  • customer experience examples
  • how to improve customer experience

Customer Experience Future

Let’s dig in deeper.

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is the interaction between a brand (its products and services) and customers from the beginning till the point of transaction and even beyond that. A relationship in which all the touch points effect the overall brand perception and customer satisfaction.

When you walk in IKEA looking for something special to decorate your new home, a sales person comes to your help and a good one gives you interesting ideas. But with the advent of the internet and riveting gadgets, the customer experience horizon has widened.

Know that brands have the liberty to engage with the customers on emotional and cognitive level through any medium of communication anytime from anywhere with any visual, audio or text-based means.

Customer Experience Strategy

To articulate a winning strategy for customer experience, you need to plan ahead of time especially for the holiday season. Here are six steps to create a blueprint, execute it and evaluate its success.

Step 1: Create a vision everyone aligned with your brand follows.

Step 2: Understand your customers and observe their buying habits.

Step 3: Use different means of communication to reach customers:

  • Create visuals to accentuate messages
  • Tap on storytelling for holidays and other special days
  • Adapt to shopping trends to look contemporary
  • Make use of technology to upgrade experiences

Step 4: Connect with customers on an emotional or psychological level.

Step 5: Open channels for feedback to grasp the effects of your efforts.

Step 6: Measure key performance indicators to improve your strategy.

Technology And Customer Experience

The scope of customer experience is changing. Hyper-realistic digital marketing trends are creating new avenues for both brands and customers to interact with one another. These technologies such as voice search, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, holograms have created both opportunities and challenges. In fact, social media platforms ae introducing new ways of selling and engagement.

Customer Experience Examples

Brands belonging to different industries are striving to give an extra-edge to the way they attract, convert, close and delight customers. Most of the efforts are many times catered towards millennials, who are considered the most active and responsive generations of all time.

How To Improve Customer Experience

There’s no such thing as perfection, and there is always room for improvement. The best way to know whether or not your strategies are working is by taking feedback from your customers. You need to listen and act upon the reviews and suggestions if they’re valid and if they help you improve your products, services and experience.

  • Humanize conversations even if a robot is working for you
  • Update your technology and practices to suit the era
  • Be responsive towards customer’s feedback and reviews
  • Conduct quarterly surveys to get insights from buyers
  • Be innovative and creative instead of boring and dreary
  • Train your staff about latest trends and engaging methods

How Will You Make Customer Experience Better In 2018?

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