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#GuruChats Highlights: What Can Take Your Brand Down In 2017?

Were you there on #GuruChats?

The launch of our #GuruChats was on Wed 18 Jan 2017 at 11 A.M. EST; it was stimulating, educational and fun. We talked about all things that can break and re-make your brand in 2017. Whether or not you were a part of our chat this time, here are the highlights.

“What Can Take Your Brand Down in 2017?”

This year is super exciting and futuristic because of a major shift in consumer behavior, communication technology and other brand logistics. Keeping up in this fast-paced world is a challenge. In this landscape, there can be several reasons for brand failure such business model and strategy, marketing campaigns and design bloopers.

Even with advance gadgets and media channels, brands tend to fail from a self-inflicted blunder or an external disaster. A single typo error on Twitter cost Yahoo criticisms and mockery. Extreme views by the Donald Trump brand worked certainly infuriated many people. Coca-Cola could’ve done a research before using an old map of Russia. Microsoft’s bot Tay started to tweet about racism and Seoul Secret’s advert ‘just being white, you will win’ pushed the boundaries. Uber’s new logo hype caused the designer to quit the firm. Well, there were many other brand disasters in 2016.

In this case, what can be a better topic than What Can Take Your Brand Down in 2017? If you can successfully outdo barriers or silly mistakes, you’ll become an inspiring brand otherwise toodaloo.

#GuruChats Expert Guest List

Thanks to our panel of expert guests from inspiring entrepreneurs and brand managers to talented marketers who carry the expertise to build brands, promote it and saving it from a crisis.

Derric Haynie is an inbound marketer, growth hacker and an entrepreneur who helps build contagious brands and passionate fans on social media.

Zak Nicola is a digital marketing ace and seo expert. He’s expressive about his views regarding search engine updates, designer practices, social media and marketing.

Zala Bricelj is a versatile person with interests in storytelling and coaching. She’s super-active on Twitter and co-hosts chats on the platform.

Lauchlin MacDonald loves history for one thing. He’s a digital marketer, teacher and a writing adept. His blog posts are mostly small business and marketing.

James Bowen is an angel investor and a motivated entrepreneur. He’s into experiential and learning simulation.

Patrick Hayslett is a communications, writing and marketing maestro with an interest in business, psychology and leadership.

Glenn Mueller is a chocoholic chocolatier and the founder of – yum!

Abel Premnath is branding consultant and social media strategist who blogs about startups and online marketing.

Caspian Khw is the co-founder of a technology innovation company focused on aerospace, health and education.

#GuruChats Q&A Highlights

The best answers from #GuruChats this week!

Q1. Let’s start. In your opinion what can take a brand down?

A brand has several facets that effect it on all levels from its birth to its maturity. Between this time, brands have many opportunities and challenges. In 2017, a brand can fail because of the following reasons.

Q2. Is there a difference between brand disaster and brand blunder?

This may seem like a trick question at first but when you dig deeper you’ll know there’s a difference between an earthquake and a tremor. This is how some tweeps differentiated the two.

Q3. Name a few brands that committed suicide in 2016.

From the exploding phones news about Samsung to Coco-Cola needing a geography class during Christmas, many brands faced the wrath of criticism in 2016 via social media especially. These are few other brands that got hit badly.

Q4. What are the possible damage control strategies that could have been adopted?

When brands fall face down, they need to execute effective tactics to bring themselves up from the ground. The basic steps after a suicide attempt by a brand include: an explanation followed by an apology and solution. Here’s what I thought were the best strategies shared by some of our #GuruChats partakers.

Q5. How does media come into play? What are some of the most effective media channels?

I think the best media channels to control the situation include television and your website. An official statement by your public relations department can shift your brand from a loser to a revived hero. Most people shared social media is plays a key role.

Q6: Any takeaways/lessons/precautions for startups and businesses what advice would you offer?

While you should prepare yourself from challenges, you must also be courageous enough to take the right decisions at the right time. I think these takeaways from some tweeps can twist the plot in favor of brands.

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