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#GuruChats: Personal Branding Players – How To Win The Game

While we all enjoy some sense of popularity in our circles, it isn’t really personal branding. A strategy that involves planned steps to achieve two primary goals: 1) to get noticed and 2) make a difference. The latest in #GuruChats was a talk on the winning players of personal branding and how they do it. In fact, how do you transform from nobody to “somebody”?

Now let me make one thing clear that a personal brand doesn’t necessarily have to be liked by everyone. They have a target market and their efforts are focused on appealing to their community. For example politicians like Adolf Hitler and musicians like Lady Gaga are not everyone’s favorite but they had and have an influence on a niche audience that can relate to them (in a certain way). So before I’m trolled for putting the two in the same sentence, let’s move on and discover what our wonderful guests had to share.

Our Guests

James Bowen

Jade Alberts Consult

Kathryn Cole

Erin Johnson

Marisa Sanfilippo

Josh Hoffman

Cristina Roman

Winning Players Of Personal Branding

Those who’re outstanding at creating and maintaining a personal brand can be categorized by their industry niche, geographic location, and by the individuals who look up to them. My ideal winning player may or may not impress you. It was interesting to know what GuruChatters had to share.

Of course there were more chip-ins, you can catch them in the slideshow below.

Influencer Techniques For Self-Packaging

Those with authority in the market have secret tools or weapons to strategize. It’s a lot like the game Clash of Clans. At times it’s not simply about winning but also about surviving in the best possible way. From amplifying your personality traits to propaganda, personal brands have used many tactics for brand positioning.

Personal Brand Identifiers

An identifier in this case can be a visual aid, a communication channel or something symbolic. You can have a branding and marketing collateral to craft your image, a certain social media platform at hand or you can use your innate qualities to stand out. You have to see what works for you. For example for some personal brands YouTube works while others are popular with Snapchat.

Although you have to be transparent, at times you have to embellish your personality just to sound more exciting. This may sound strange to some, but we all know it is happening.

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Effective Platforms For Personal Brands

It’s evident that the channel of communication is as important as the message and the sender. Before the advent of the internet, the most powerful platform for personal branding was print and podium. Then television and radio came into limelight and finally today there is social media. To be honest, each medium has its own charm and a loyal market. At times you have to mix and match.

Measuring Personal Branding Success

Any goal you set its action plan has to be recorded, analyzed and evaluated. You can’t hope for progress or success until you put the data into use. It’s important to note that metrics for each platform will be different and what you want to achieve will also mold your measuring tactics. For television you have rating points plus advertisements, for a website you have Google Analytics, and for social media you have in-built platform insights.

Personal Branding Dos and Don’ts

Personal brand branding and marketing comes with a baggage of things to do and things not to do. A list of things you should aspire to incorporate and those you should trash in the bin. Several tips were shared on this during the chat.


1) Be the advisor

2) Prioritize audience


1) Avoid over-praising yourself

2) Over-claiming is bad habit

As we come to the end of our #GuruChats highlight, the eight laws of personal branding shared by a veteran marketing consultant Peter Montoya can perfectly sum up this discussion. A personal brand is “the public projection of certain aspects of a person’s personality, skills or values that stimulate precise, meaningful perceptions in its audience about the values and qualities that person stands for.” For a winning personal brand you need specialization, leadership, personality, distinctiveness, visibility, unity, persistence and goodwill. So soar with your strengths and weaken your weaknesses to win the game.

Are you a personal brand? Share your most handy tip.

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