#GuruChats – The Game of Fonts

#GuruChats – A Game Of Fonts

We had a blast on Twitter this week as designers, creative professionals and thought leaders came forward to discuss all about fonts. The one hour session held on Wednesday 1st Feb 2017 at 11:00 am EST was an electrifying blur and a knowledge sharing experience.

“Because a type designer does not draw letters. A type designer designs words and words are structures that contain patterns of black and white shapes, form and counterform. It is a game that deals with space and rhythm. Which is precisely what, for me, is the essence of drawing.”

Cyrus Highsmith

A Game Of Fonts

We have entered into an elusive world where we are surrounded by fonts and typefaces. Their presence matters and character sets the mood of any written document, email, ATM receipts, product packaging, signboards and everything you can imagine.

For instance when designing a “Do not enter” sign, the use of Impact or Arial Black font seems appropriate as the two are the attention-grabbing fonts, that directly indicates to us the seriousness of the message. Typesetting the same message in Comic Sans will be absurd. Not because of the juvenile nature of the font but because that’s not what the message is trying to convey.

History is filled with countless examples where inappropriate use of font type or setting caused damage. A woman named Vicki Walker committed a type crime for which she was sacked. Her crime was that she ignored the fact that CAPITAL LETTERS LOOK LIKE YOU HATE SOMEONE AND ARE SHOUTING in one of her emails. She eventually went on to win the case against her dismissal but the damage was done.

Besides that, type can also have gender- another strangely universal phenomenon. While the heavy and bold fonts are considered male, the lighter and curly ones have a feminine appeal. Now this explains us a lot about font pairs now doesn’t it? But of course the topic is highly debatable.

In this session, we discussed how digital marketers, graphic designers and brand experts have developed a soft corner for some fonts while others are on their list of most hated fonts. Also how fonts bring about visual clarity in design.

Expert Guests Who Made The Day

The world seems to come to a halt when you find geeky, zealous and like-minded people. We appreciate the immensely talented minds who have shared their design experiences and valuable tips for aspiring designers. They come from diverse academic background but it’s our keen passion for fonts that unites us.

Juan Cervantes has been like a one man army working on all aspects of design. He is the man behind C2 Designers.

Angelica Mata calls it her mission to help bring stories to life, visually captivate audiences, cultivate relationships, & express a vision that resonates well into the future.

Emilio Takas is a multi-faceted designer who specializes in web and graphic design. He is also a social media strategist and WordPress expert.  

Kate Norton is a creative entrepreneur who is a source of inspiration and help for creatives struggling to find their space.

A Chat For Graphic Designers

This week’s #Guruchats session was hosted for aspiring graphic designers who intend to get practical knowledge from the gurus of the industry and learn about font pairing. If you have missed the chat, here are some takeaways.

Q1. Which are your all-time favorite font(s)?

Most designers tend to have a list of fonts that have universal appeal or save the day for them.

Q2. Which do think are the most hated font(s) among professional graphic designers?

It’s no surprise there are certain fonts that have been overused or have been replaced by better suited alternatives. In the presence of futuristic and user-friendly fonts, there are some that professional graphic designers won’t prefer.

Q3. In font pairing, what type of relationships would you recommend designers adopt?

Typography relationships can be concordant, contrasting and conflicting, but the question is how the designers employ these relationships in their designs.

Q4. Do you use font pairing tools? List a few favorites.

Sometimes we face a lag for ideas and creative thinking. That’s where tools come to our rescue. Of course, designers also use tools and let’s see the top font pairing tools they’ve listed.

Q5. Can a trio be considered a font pair?

Font pairing is a topic of debate in the design community but some consider the idea of a trio as an alien to the classical approach to font pairing. What’s your take on this? By the way, here’s what our guests had to say.

Q6: Do you think there are separate font pairs for web and print designs?

As we are moving forward, the gap between web and print designs have narrowed. However, there are multiple schools of thought that still believe web and print must be treated separately.

Q7: Your best tip for font pairing to add harmony in designs.

At the end of the chat, we asked for advice from the designers who have used fonts in various projects of their own. We got some really interesting tips

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