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Whether it’s a B2B or B2C, every business essentially revolves around gaining customers or winning clients. The notion of bombarding clients with marketing messages is becoming obsolete and proving ineffective, so the ideal scenario is to win them over. After that you can garner strategies to build a relationship with them. A million dollar question here – how do we win them over? For an entrepreneur or business owner, this involves devising strategies to both attract new clients and sustain the existing ones. Creating an ideal mix of old vs. new clients is a real challenge and is perhaps always easier said than done.

Let’s find out how the discussion unfolded between our guests and guruchatters.

Guests and Guruchatters

Jade Alberts Consult

James Bowen

Mike Bryant

Haley Hall



Marisse Downie


Rank winning clients, financial freedom, and business growth according to your business model. Why?

Your brand is a reflection of your capabilities and your business model is customized to fit into that reflection. For some business owners, their journey begins with financial freedom, others would lay the foundation by winning clients. There is no one-size-fits-all formula. Let’s find out how our guests and participants ranked winning clients, business growth and financial freedom.


Why do you need to nurture leads?

To be a great marketer or sales person, you need to realize that leads need a little push, and it usually comes in the form of nurturing. Some leads convert on their own over time, others need to realize the value before they convert.

What are the possible ways to convert leads into clients?

After nurturing a lead across different channels, you have to determine when it gets sales-ready. Of course this requires a level of co-ordination and understanding between the marketing a sales team who can narrow down the funnel from qualified leads to sales-ready leads who can eventually be converted to clients. Let’s see some of the strategies employed by the pros of the industry at each stage.

What happens when a lead grows cold?

As pointed out accurately, the most common part of lead nurturing is when marketers and sales representatives follow up. If they fail to realize the potential of leads and actively engage with them, then they will grow cold over time. What it means is they have already missed an opportunity to convert leads due to needless delay. Indeed you are late if your client no longer remembers signing up with you.

Online vs Offline – what is the best way to approach clients?

Marketers are understandably eager to abandon offline media in favor of online media. However, if they focus solely on online approach, there is a likelihood of missing out on a good number of potential clients. How would you deal with this conundrum? Share your thoughts and take a glimpse of what our guests had to say.


How do you cherry-pick an ideal client profile to grow business?

Marketers have to invest the most precious resource to attract clients. It’s not money but time that is of real essence to them. Is every client worth the effort? This is perhaps the first question on their mind. Just like you are identified by the type of company you keep, a marketing firm is identified by its clientele. An ideal client profile may vary according to a business but their credibility can account for your recognition. Have you ever given it a thought? Ladies and gentleman, this is how you need to choose clients.

What are the key strategies to sustain clients?

Winning Clients, Growing Business covers various aspects of attracting, nurturing, converting and retaining leads. This particular section discusses ways to sustain already converted clients. So what key strategies can pull out from the top of your head? If you don’t have any answers, don’t stress. Take a look at the strategies employed by our guests.

How to prevent clients from leaving in the wake of emerging threats?  

Even after a long-term and hard earned customer relationship, there is always a dangling threat of clients switching brands due to various reasons. Is it possible to retain amiable clients despite all odds? Let’s see how guruchatters explained ways to retain clients.

Discuss tips for effective communication with clients?

Communication with clients can make or break a deal, but unfortunately some business owners let it slip. Not everyone focuses on strategizing communication with the clients. For instance, the do’s and don’ts for an email, its timing and interval between follow-up and subject matter all contribute to creating a holistic approach in communication.

Name a tested strategy that’s failsafe for winning over clients?

Well, this is clearly a question from the pros of the industry who have tested different campaigns and strategies in the real world and analyzed their results to conclude which ones are a failsafe. Let’s take a look at the top ways to win over clients.

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