Inspiring Healthcare Logo Collection for Startups

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While the power of branding is undisputable in the health care sector, it often lacks the much-needed consistency. Building a brand reputation is a steady process that requires years or sometimes decades. First a creative and unique company logo designcoveys the brand message followed by consistent branding across all platforms including the website, stationery, product packaging for a medical and healthcare business. An exceptional service adds a cherry on top. However, health care startups can lose their one chance for recognition with a badly designed logo.

Same formula works for medical logo designs. In contrast to using free design tools to create logos, professional logo designers have a track record of making best medical logos for different health care businesses such as a clinic, pharmacy, or hospital. The best part about customization in design is that it allows you to create inimitable vectors. With a custom logo design you can choose colors, fonts and shapes in a composition that best explains your business or service.

When we talk specifically about health care logos, what’s that one thing that comes to your mind? A symbolic heart, blue color or perhaps the typical wave showing heartbeat. You can also witness a combination of these elements at times. You can either follow the latest logo design trends to make a perfect logo design or you can design an expert logo with new design ideas.

To get you started, we’ve put together a collection of inspiring healthcare logo design ideas.

swooshes figure star healthcare logo

orange and grey swooshes figure healthy lifestyle logo

three swooshes figure consulting logo design

swooshes figure making tooth and tree dental logo


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heart rate in square logo

bonsai tree vector logo

swooshes figure running and leaf logo

figure meditating with heart in swooshes yoga center logo

human tree with bubbles logo

negative space swoosh figure on a sphere logo

If you observe each of these healthcare logo samples, you’ll see that each one is different even if two or more logo designs use the same colors, font styles and symbols. These ideas show how text and images are combined to give any healthcare business a professional appearance. Such type of logos are called combination marks in which all the visual elements work in harmony to create a complete look.



first aid symbol and pill pharmacy logo design

curvy line woman sleeping dental logo

dotted medical cross sign logo

DNA lettermark medical logo

hippo outline health care logo design

ultrasound imaging vector logo

two swoosh with circle health massage logo

figure tree nutrition logo

mobile medical imaging device vector logo

cactus dental logo

Figure swoosh inside apple outline logo

Three figure inside circle swoosh therapy logo design

swoosh letter V logo

muscular man inside circle logo

baby outline health care logo design

Designing Healthcare And Pharmaceutical Logos


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