How Colors Are Impacting Your Logo and Your Brand

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If you take a look at some of the most popular logos today that have become household names, you will find that colors played as crucial of a role in their success as did the overall layout and design. Color scheme is extremely important for a successful logo or website. Get that wrong and the entire marketing campaign can come tumbling down.

Through this post I will demonstrate the importance of a rock solid color combination and how it impacts a logo as well as a company’s success.

Good Color Schemes Raise the Standard

A carefully outlined color scheme can single handedly make an ordinary logo into an extraordinary one. Some of the most successful logo designs today use a win-win color combination. It can set a company apart from the rest and give it an everlasting edge simply because people will remember the company through its logo. Can you image the Mc Donald’s logo in purple and orange or maybe the Pepsi logo in green and yellow? Not the same impact, is it?

Color Schemes Standard

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Great for Attracting New Business

People respond to appealing and attractive things, logos included. Make a memorable logo so people talk about it and always remember it. They will remember your company in an instant when they see your logo on FaceBook, Twitter or any other social platform where you have an established presence. This ultimately leads to new customers and clients who are eager to do business with you.

Attracting New Business

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For this reason, graphic designers and companies elbow out all details related to the design that might help decide on what types of colors to use such as the client’s industry, target audience and current competition. An attractive color scheme is the gateway to establishing communication between customer and client, paving the way for new ventures and a healthy customer-client relationship.

Great for Business

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Building Your Brand One Color Shade at a Time

It is amazing to see how one thing is tied to the other when it comes to the uses and meanings of colors in logo design. A good design leads to a good audience. A good audience leads to a great clientele. A great clientele translates into a strong brand. With each successful business venture, a company is essentially building its brand via its logo one satisfied client a time.

Building Your Brand

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Choose Your Colors Carefully

Ok so now that we have talked about just how important and beneficial a good color combination is, let’s talk about how to choose the right shades for a design. Too many bright colors are a big no-no. Even if your client is related to the entertainment industry, using too many bright colors can most of the times sink a logo. Stick to using no more than 2 to 3 colors max for best results. Also make sure that the logo you create would look good in black and white.

Choose Colors Carefully

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Contrasting colors are great for making a statement while sober shades, on the other hand, work well for serious businesses, which albeit bearable can get extremely boring to look at if the imagery does not complement it well and helps it stand out. The right color scheme should be a nice mix of both dark and light colors. Having a better understanding of the target audience will also help in determining which colors to go for. If your target audience is young, a good idea would be to use bold color. Older audiences like mature and professional color designs.

So there you have it! There are certain elements that are necessary and getting them wrong can be disastrous when it comes to creating a strong brand. Get the above mentioned features right and you will be able to make a powerful impact with your logo design.

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