HOW Design Conference 2015 for Web Designers

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional.”

– Cameron Moll

The world is transforming — it is becoming equipped with technological advancements, and 21st century tools that are essential for globalization. Although many people believe that the power of print still exists, we know that the world is being over-taken by internet. Thus we are becoming more dependent on websites and web designers.

However, there are challenges awaiting these designers such as the following:

  • designing aesthetically appealing websites
  • creating efficient interfaces for easy usability
  • making dynamic designs for all kinds of devices
  • methods to intersect design with technology

To know more about web design and its functionality, join thousands of attendees at the HOW Interactive Design Conference (HIDC) 2015! This year the event spans across San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston during September, October, and November, respectively. One is gone, two more are in line for you to discover.

Inception and Evolution of HOW

The HIDC was launched realizing the urgent need to understand the path of transition from print media to web. In order to do so, the HOW team helped designers through this event, which first happened in 2010.

Later the event extended to several cities, and continued its efforts maintaining high-quality learning experience. This event is for you whether you are a student, newbie, professional, or owner. It’s even for those who have an interest in web and want to discover the field more.

The latest 2015 conference series is here to immerse you in creative designing for web.

The city of thriving economy: San Francisco


The first stop, San Francisco is “the” city to garner inspiration about web design because it headquarters leading companies, including Dropbox, Twitter, Mozilla, Uber, Pinterest, Yelp, etc. The HOW event has already taken place on 20 – 22 September 2015, leaving the audience awe-inspired.


The city of bristling skyscrapers: Chicago


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The second destination of HOW — Chicago is a populous metropolitan city of Illinois, USA. This year the HOW team brings tactics essential for you to maintain creativity and user-brand engagement on websites, in order to be a victorious web designer. Learn to create eye-catching interface within social media, branding and application industries. Many speakers are ready to inspire and guide you, some of whom are:

Tim Belonax, member of Project M

An educator, writer and designer working for both nonprofit and commercial organizations, Belonax is eminent among several publications and is recognized by well-known museums. Before Airbnb, he worked with Facebook as a Communication Designer and led the brand design team for the company’s assorted projects. He is the man if you want insights on designing a social media website — one that’s contemporary, well-integrated and well-designed.



Jared Ponchot, Creative Director at Lullabot

A Creative Director at Lullabot agency of interactive design and development strategies, Ponchot has done Bachelor in Graphic and Interactive Communications, and his career began designing for print. Over the years, he has worked with well-known companies like Time Warner, Ogilvy PR, and Intel etc. Have you been looking for a guru lately? Here is a chance to find one. If you want to learn how to design web identity of big names then HIDC is for you.



Daniel Newman, Creative Director at NPR

A Creative Director at National Public Radio, Newman works with talented and versatile designers to build the media organization’s digital services and products. Prior to working here, Newman led Wolfram research’s mobile and web user experience team. In addition, he’s been involved in website design, production and marketing. All those passionate about designing innovative and interactive websites, this speaker session is packed with loads of information on design evolution of applications, and design research.



The city of endless richness: Boston


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In this beautiful historic capital of Massachusetts, the web design industry will be revealed through the eyes of HIDC. Speakers from the web industry are ready to enlighten you with design techniques that will aid you in your upcoming projects

Below are three knowledgeable presenters you should not miss out on.

Jen Simmons, producer at The Web Ahead

An Executive Producer and host at a popular podcast, The Web Ahead — Simmons creates avant-garde websites using cutting-edge web design technology tools.

She has been affiliated with web designing since 1996. She is the woman to connect with. All of you who are web design lovers, creators, students hear her out at the HOW conference talking about designing innovative layouts.



Justin Seeley, renowned Software Instructor

An author for, Seeley specializes in web and design segment. With an experience of 12 plus years in graphic and web design, he has authored surplus content on topics like Adobe software online design courses, tips and tricks, and so on. He is a certified Adobe Expert and Microsoft Office Instructor. Young web designers, this session is made for you. Half of what we learn about design comes from articles, video tutorials and courses online. Only this time, it’s a face-to-face thing!

Denise Jacobs, founder of The Creative Dose

An author and creativity preacher, Jacobs speaks at conferences focused on the web industry. She is well-versed at teaching techniques to produce fluid and innovative designs. Since 1997, she’s been working in the designing and development of websites. If you are an enthusiastic learner, it’s time to acquire as much knowledge as you can about web design from Jacobs.



Will you hop on this webxciting journey?

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