HybridConf – Dublin Design Convention You Can’t Afford to Miss

HybridConf – Dublin Design Convention You Can’t Afford to Miss

HybridConf  is a two-day design convention in Dublin, Ireland you’re going to regret missing out on! This year the convention is on  August 20th-21st, and the speakers will talk about real world issues, provide motivation, communication, products, idea-creation, and so much more. Any designer that attends HybridConf will benefit from the knowledge they gain about feedback, teamwork, communication, career strategy, and organization!

The speakers make the event

What makes the HybridConf event the place to be is that several of the speakers write brand new, custom talks just for the convention which include everything about their experiences; what they learned, what kept them motivated, and what you can take away from their mistakes.

If you aren’t convinced about attending this year (or next year), HybridConf put together a persuasive document about what makes this convention unique:

HybridConf brings together designers, developers, and others from our industry so that they can interact and learn from each others’ disciplines. The conference combines two days of talks from a fantastic, diverse speaker lineup, with lots of networking opportunities where guests can make new contacts, and discuss their knowledge gained from the day’s lessons.”

I predict this year’s attendees can expect to walk away with a variety of knowledge, if the list of speakers is any indication. The convention has designers, scientists, and game community managers that are lined up!

Which panels are you most excited to see? Stay tuned to this article as we updated with what people are saying!


If you are a user or a fan of snowboarding gear, chances are you’ve seen some of Aaron Draplin’s work. From logos to print design and web design, Draplin has worked on numerous projects for clients in various fields over the years.

Tall Tales from a Large Man by Aaron Draplin | 4:20pm August 21st

He comes to HybridConf to give a talk about the highs and lows of his career, what he learned, and how to handle the cutthroat world of contemporary graphic design.

Mr Bingo

Hate Mail: The Definitive Collection will be the ultimate retrospective of Mr Bingo’s hugely popular Hate Mail project. Since 2011 Mr Bingo has sent 928 vintage postcards skillfully emblazoned with offensive messages to (mostly) willing recipients.

Coming back from his huge Kickstarter campaign, he’ll be joining HybridConf to start off the convention and probably do it with a rap!

How to Make a Rap Video by Mr Bingo | 10:15am August 20th


I'm honored to be part of the speaking lineup for the the final year of HybridConf in Dublin, Ireland. Tickets are still available. Use HOUSE for 10% off!

Posted by Allison House on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

She currently concentrates on short looping animations, atmospheric visuals, and other small or editorial projects in the realm of motion, interaction, and 3D illustration.  In the past she’s worked with Dropbox, CodeAcademy, and Treehouse.

Make it Happen by Allison House | 10:10am August 21st

She comes to HybridConf to tackle the issue of why people avoid learning new skills, how to recognize your abilities, and get tactical about setting up your path of educational discovery!


Keavy is a software developer at Github. She’s also worked at LivingSocial and as an independent Ruby consultant for ten years working with top development shops around the world.

Better Work Through Better Feedback | 2:50pm August 20th

She will provide tips on how to get better feedback for your own work, and how to give better feedback to your peers (and why it’s important to do it!)

I'm honored to be part of the speaking lineup for the the final year of HybridConf in Dublin, Ireland. Tickets are still available. Use HOUSE for 10% off!

Posted by Allison House on Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Des is the Co-Founder of Intercom, the platform for all customer interaction needs from marketing to support to product development. He was also the co-founder of the popular social network search engine Bigulo.

He has a to-be-announced panel at 10:55am August 20th.

Bastian Allgeier, CREATOR of KIRBY CMS

Bastian is the creator and founder of Kirby, a file-based CMS.

A Guide to Homemade Pressure by Bastian Allgeier | 2:00pm August 20th

He wants to talk about how to make your life more difficult as a freelance designer and developer, including examples from his career. He will give helpful insights on how what it was like to double his workload and how he handled the stress.


Kai was first a web designer, but wanted to create something more physical and lasting and so launched the first Offscreen magazine in early 2012.

The New Age of Indie by Kai Brach | 12:20pm August 21st

At HybridConf, Kai will tell the story of Offscreen Magazine, provide insights into running a business and explain how the new generation of independent makers give big brands a run for their money.


Shivani leads a team of young scientists that create innovative learning experiences with STEM and shares these programs to hundreds of schools, charities, and Museums.

From Synapses to Spark by Shivani Lamba | 2:00pm August 21st

She will talk about how her team engages people of all ages with science programs, and how innovation and creativity created her successful educational initiatives.


Jenn Bane is the community manager at Cards Against Humanity, a popular and top-selling party game for horrible people.

Causing Tiny Trouble by Jenn Bane | 2:50pm August 21st

Jenn talks about her experiences working with a tiny company that grew into a huge success.

Colin Harmon, PROPRIETOR of 3FE

Colin is a four time Irish Barista Champion and four time World Barista Championship finalist. He devotes his life to coffee and the making of it.

We Are All Marketing Scum (or How to Sell in a Soft Long-Term Way) by Colin Harmon | 4:00pm August 20th

Karolina Szczur, LEAD DESIGNER at &YET

Karolina is lead designer and developer at real-time development agency &yet. Previously she was UX lead at Nodejitsu, contributed to Nodecopter, and contributed to several open source projects.

She will host a to-be-announced panel at 12:05pm on Thursday, August 20th


Shortlisted for Young Designer of the Year Award, Jake is a web typographer, and currently kerns at Adobe Typekit. He has also created the type tool Sassline, and previously worked as a designer at fffunction.

The Future(s) of Typography by Jake Giltsoff | 11:45am August 20th

Jake provides an insight look into how designers and developers of the web have such an important role in shaping the future of communication through typography.


Chris leads workshops, is available for speaking, authoring books, and works as an educator at the Interaction Design Principle at Belfast School of Art. He designs for web and other media.

Go Deeper by Chris Murphy | 11:30am August 21st

His panel will inspire you to explore whatever you love, challenge it, and find any problems and answers you need.


Carl is a veteran of HybridConf. He is the Co-founder of nGen Works, and the co-host of popular podcast Bizcraft. He is the MC of the convention and will be seen throughout the con.

Kathleen is a New Jersey blogger with an interest in brand design and a passion for graphic design, illustration, and social media. She loves to deliver inspiration to others to give them the means to achieve their branding and design goals.

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