33 Illustrations that Beautifully Depict Solace: Design Thinking

Feature Image Source: iStock.com/Duncan1890

Image Source: duncan1890/iStock.com

Illustration is creative expression, the art of telling a story without words. It is the silence which says it all, the proverbial picture worth a thousand words. It is science too, for it explains everything, and yet leaves room for subjective doubt, expression, and exploration.

We, as humans, often have difficulty in truly explaining individual realities, problems, and experiences. These feelings can sometimes be of love, respect, and admiration, and of hate, anger, and sadness at others. All those emotions are integral to us, and we feel them deeply and completely ourselves. However, it is not always easy to express them so others would understand, particularly where there is a lack of shared experiences.

Enter graphic design illustration – one extremely effective method of expression. It can help you communicate fully, and to convey a true sense of the battles each of us fights within, on a daily basis.

Of all the emotions and experiences, loneliness is perhaps the most dangerous. It can appear calm on the surface, while it destroys your very self, deep inside. I have chosen 33 illustrations where designers have expressed solace in their work, depicting beautifully shades of both joy and of despair. They convey a sense of peace, but look closely enough, and you’ll notice all the battles raging within too.

To connect with our own realities, we need the power and beauty of artistic design. Designers work on projecting emotions through their illustrations so you can feel them and connect subconsciously. It is a delicate art, well-constructed, keeping in mind the basics of design. A message is then created with visual thinking, and implemented through design analogies. These analogies are basically emotional patterns which help you draw connections to the illustration. Shading, colors, strokes, and lines are used in order to express the overall idea.

See if you can find solace in these illustrations:

1. Illustration by Muhammad Khan

Muhammad Khan

2. Illustration by Micheal McGee

Micheal McGee

3. Illustration by Kaloian Toshev

Kaloian Toshev

4. Illustration by Shreya Kudalkar

Shreya Kudalkar

5. Illustration by Jon Janzen

Jon Janzen

6. Illustration by Amsyar Ashaary

Amsyar Ashaary

7. Illustration by Shelley Myers

Shelley Myers

8. Illustration by Tessa G

Tessa G

9. Illustration by Keith Premchand

Keith Premchand

10. Illustration by Kat Nicholson

Kat Nicholson

11. Illustration by Jennifer Calogero

Jennifer Calogero

12. Illustration by Rudy Gutierrez

Rudy Gutierrez

13. Illustration by loish


14. Illustration by Shandibear



15. Illustration by BenHeine


16. Illustration by kreugan



17. Illustration by Karry-Bird


18. Illustration by EuTytoAlba


19. Illustration by Geeksam311



20. Illustration by Emersed


21. Illustration by Ariesleovirgo


22. Illustration by Inevergiveup


23. Illustration by TomScholes


24. Illustration by Racheview


25. Illustration by Space Ark Studios

Space Ark Studios

26. Illustration by AmzarahGunn


27. Illustration by Cacti



28. Illustration by Kyendo


31. Illustration by Elaine Samonte

Elaine Samonte

32. Illustration by Nidhi Chanani

Nidhi Chanani

33. Illustration by Hülya Özdemir

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