Overcoming Communication Blunders between the Designer and Client

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Any fan of Star Wars worth his salt will remember the words, “Sir, I don’t know where your ship learned to communicate, but it has the most peculiar dialect.” (―C-3PO, interpreting the Millennium Falcon for Han Solo). The same phrase could be applied to designers by the clients, they speak a most peculiar dialect! Designers are a breed apart from most other professionals. They are versatile in their talents and focused on their skills. Their verbal communication is not always their strongest point (there have always been exceptions to the rule). Visualization is what they are awesome at and it is there that they focus their energies.

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The client unfortunately is their exact opposite. The client’s talents are focused on the bottom line. Their creativity runs towards the end goal and their energies demand success financially and through organizational success. The designer and client communication becomes obviously distorted for two such different species have then to learn to communicate together….it’s a most challenging situation. Our infographic below helps to streamline the conversation between the two while helping clear the distortion. Without some form of translation the blunders and misunderstandings would abound…

Designer Client Communication

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