Visceral Emotions in Graphic Design: Inspirational Design Thinking

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Customers today buy designs and not really the products themselves. For instance, when you go to a shop to purchase a bottle of water. There are numerous brands available. However, you choose one brand over other. Why? While the water inside the bottles remain the same, the packaging, images, tagline etc. influences your purchase decision. The designer draws a connection through their design to influence customers purchasing behavior. It is the appearance, display and design that makes you reflect. Designers today are smart and possess great skills in capturing the moment and make you choose by influencing your visual susceptibility and emotional decision.

Visceral design is all about that instant emotional impact. It connects the target audience to their personal experiences and controls their buying behavior. Essentially, it creates an instant connection for your customers, enhancing the moment for them, and that, in turn, triggers memories of past experiences, which makes the connection even stronger, and increases the importance of your product when compared to all others.

In order to create visceral design, designers need to critically understand the objective of the design. Moreover, they need to carry out target audience research and analysis. Psychographic analysis is one way of studying audience behavior that can easily be incorporated in the design. There are numerous other means which we’ve summarized in this infoghraphic on design thinking. It explains the skills and technicalities required to create visceral designs and the ways through which immediate reactions can be triggered.

Visceral Emotions in Graphic Design: Inspirational Design Thinking

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