Instagram Revealed A Redesigned Logo Icon & Its Very First Goof-Up!

With the latest logo icon redesign Instagram joins the league of silly goof-ups! It’s only been 5 years since this photo-sharing app was founded in 2010. While other similar apps just phased out, Instagram became the most popular social media platform. After getting acquired by Facebook in 2012, it has been in news multiple times. With video integration and photomap feature and simple user interface, Instagram eventually became the heart of millennials and of course generation Z. However, recently, they were deprived of all the limelight when Snapchat became the latest craze that swept the younger generation and the celebrities alike. It seems like they are competing against the emerging social media sensation and trying hard to catch up.

To break through the clutter, Instagram decided to come back with a bang! And it involved gradient. The redesign is followed by active bashing on various social media platforms and The Guardian describes the new Instagram logo as if:

“The camera was murdered and chalk was drawn around its body. Murdered at sundown.”

Instagram New Logo

The Blatant Experiment

Say goodbye to the retro looking camera! As Instagram experiments with its well-defined logo icon identity, leaving all the fans and followers in shock! The new logo shows a background of sunset and sky colors. In the foreground, they have placed a chalky outline of a camera, all in the name of minimalism. Now let’s discuss what they have still retained. The shape and size of the logo is exactly like the previous one. The rainbow concept is presented in a brand new way to depict photo filters. However, the idea is not subtle anymore.

The fans and followers of Instagram worldwide want to see the old icon back. Not surprisingly, the idea is not well received. Let’s get a glimpse of what the #twitterverse is saying about this redesign.

Apparently, it’s not the icon but the gradient that has created this stir in the audiences.

A random survey shows 14% people liked the new logo.
People have reacted on Instagram itself. Take a look!

The uproar on Facebook is not any different. See for yourselves.

While some users feel it’s a waste of resources, others believe this was reckless move from a brand whose image does not need fixing.

Although people love to see their favorite brands introduce new logos, this one is touted as a disappointment. Besides the Instagram photo-sharing app icon, they’ve also changed the icons for other creative apps such as Layout, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse.


The app layout and user interface has been simplified. It now appears more clean and takes a monochromatic approach without hampering the user experience or navigation. However, most people are complaining about the icon appearing on their phone.

Color has always been a huge part of Instagram — you see it in the classic app icon, filters, and the community’s photos and videos, when we started reimagining the rainbow, we looked at more minimal options, but ultimately we needed more warmth and energy to complement the glyph.

Ian Spalter, Head of Design at Instagram

Future of Instagram icon

We have seen what the icon looks like today, but a big question is how will it shape up for the future? Considering the fact that minimalism is a ruling currency and controversy is the ever-green fad, this is how we believe, the future redesign (all in good spirit) is going to be.

Instagram 2-01

Ah! These are moments when you feel like you should have the power to turn back time. RIP old Instagram icon, you will always be remembered!

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