Jonathan Ive: The Mind behind Apple’s Panache

Jonathan Ive: The Mind Behind Apple’s Panache

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Apple’s products are known for their elegant and minimalist designs, but do you know the man behind the company’s verve? Meet Sir Jonathan Paul Ive, one of the greatest names among postmodern industrial designers and product makers.

Sir Jonathan Paul Ive, more commonly known as Jony Ive, began his career as an internee at a London design consultancy, Roberts Weaver Group. By the time of his graduation with a first class Bachelor of Arts degree from Newcastle Polytechnic in 1989, he was already famous in local design circles. Soon after, he joined Tangerine, a startup design agency, where he designed products such as microwaves, toothbrushes, and toilet sinks. Peeved by the conflicting principles of his clients who often did not enjoy his simple and modern designs, and the mundane nature of his work, Jony Ive joined Apple in 1992, for which he was already working as a design consultant through Tangerine. He became the Senior Vice President of Design at Apple in 1997.

Apple gave Jony Ive the opportunity to incorporate his design ideas and philosophies into its products which have gained world renown for their novelty, élan, and simplicity. Take a look into the life of the legend, Sir Jonathan Paul Ive.

Jonathan Ive Behind Apple
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