#Designer Spotlight: Kate Moross – A Refreshing Splash of Creativity!

Designer Spotlight! Kate Moross – A Refreshing Splash of Creativity!

Music and design – two faces of a coin called creativity

If our work defines us then this is how Kate Moross can be defined. This young girl made a career out of solving design problems and made a name for herself in art direction, film making, and typography. Moross ran with the Torch in Lewisham for the London Olympics in 2012. By that time, she was already popular for the nationwide billboard campaign for Cadburys and a signature clothing range for Top Shop. And you know what? She’s just getting started. Her unique design ideas made with her personal punk-revolutionary touch has roused a refreshed, heightened appreciation for colors, illegible typography, post-punk, and three-sided shapes. So, hold tight because she has more dazzling ideas to surprise us all.

Kate Moross is an energetic designer who has immense love for typography and illustrations. She is a London-based graphic designer and art director who started off as a music records launch-pad. While studying at Camberwell University of Arts, she launched Isomorph Records – the only vinyl record company in the world, an agency that specialized and dealt with art direction for emerging bands. Her vibrant and confident designs depict that music and quality design have strong tie-ups, especially in terms of creative display.

Personality Profile

If anyone would have to list her creative personality profile, they will rank her as one of the most unique designers of our time, for it is the personality profile of a design thinker. She not only enjoys playing with typography, but also makes the audience adore her unique design patterns. What truly sets her apart is her close involvement with music which helps her understand the dynamics of this art form and then create the visual representation of the sound. Her creative design ideas make everyone enjoy the creative blend of design and typography.

What ideas are in Kate Moross’s Design world?

She quotes in one of her presentation:

“The key to great ideas is not having them, it is executing them. And great ideas come from problems. As designers we call problems, briefs and we call reactions to problems, concepts.”

Check out the compilation of Kate’s life, work, and achievements.

#Designer Spotlight: Kate Moross – A Refreshing Splash of Creativity!

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