Secrets to Landing More Graphic Design Projects

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Graphic designers and graphic design projects have one thing in common; both are in abundant supply. Graphic designers are always in the search for projects that are both lucrative and demanding enough to push their creative limits. The idea is to stay involved in new projects but to still keep oneself reachable and marketable to others at the same time.

Today’s we will uncover some secrets that will help make designers more marketable and ensure that new projects keep coming in.

Stay Active In Your Professional Network

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One of the first things to consider is your current professional network. The number one benefit of maintaining an active professional network is that you are able to stay informed of any new development, trends and opportunities in the graphic design industry. It is great starting point to look for new work and to get valuable information about rewarding design projects. Stay active in your professional network whether it is on a community platform or a social media site. Engage in conversations; let people know you are there.


Let Everyone Know That You Know Your Stuff


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Blogging is a great platform to establish yourself as a reputable professional. Many designers maintain an active graphic design blog where they share their professional work experience and offer practical advice. However, maintaining your blog shouldn’t be the only thing you do. Visit graphic design forums to get involved in discussions and help others. Establish yourself as a credible go-to person when it comes to design advice.


Showcase Your Design Work


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In addition to sharing your experience and offering advice, show the viewers something they will never be able to resist, a glimpse of your actual work (provided it is allowed in your contract). Employers are particularly keen about seeing design drafts because it gives them a good idea of how capable you are and what kind of work you have done. Maintain an active online portfolio, either on a design website or your own blog. This is the best place for designers to show off their talent to thousands of potential employers instantly.


Utilize Social Media To Your Advantage


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Social media has had a powerful impact on the success of graphic designers. A good designer is reachable through social media platforms like Facebook and Google+ and they are excellent platforms to take advantage of. Both allow users to include a banner on their personal page which designers can use to include some of their most artistic and appealing work. It helps give the page a designer’s touch and speaks volumes about your skills.


Advertise Yourself Smartly


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In the end, that’s the main goal behind designers making themselves so reachable, to better advertise their services. There are many ways to go about that, both paid and unpaid. Guest posting on other design blogs is a great way to advertise yourself. Not only will it get you noticed in the design community, it gets you mentioned too. Write tutorials for your design community and actively participate in online discussions.

In case you haven’t noticed, the above tips are primarily geared towards establishing yourself as a reputable, professional graphic designer.  These practices will make you the go-to source for graphic design and when you get to this point, new and exciting projects will start coming in.

The hard working designers look for design projects, the smart ones let design opportunities come to them.

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