The Launch Of #GuruChats

The atmosphere is buzzing; spirits high; and we’re all excited, because it’s time to start our very own Twitter chat. Indeed, it’s a bright New Year for the team at Guru Corporation to take on this challenge and reach out to the community to interact with them on a larger scale.

All You Need To Know About #GuruChats

The concept behind #GuruChats is to connect with real people with really cool ideas to share with the online community. Scheduled at 11AM EST Wednesdays, the chat will initially be a bi-monthly event in which one chat will be focused on business topics and the second will feature graphic design related discussions. The chat will be hosted by Logo Design Guru’s Twitter account @logodesignguru.

Here’s our first chat topic: “What Can Take Your Brand Down” for which we’ve invited business owners to share their views, details below.


Who’s It For?

1. For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners

It’s a great opportunity for startup owners, seasoned entrepreneurs and established business leaders to share their expertise with peers on numerous business challenges and success stories such as launching a business, budgeting, branding, marketing, resource allocation, funding for your business, setting e-commerce portal etc. and any topic suggested by our audience that is worth featuring.

Since we work with numerous startups and small businesses, we understand your pain points. And while we can’t solve all your problems, this is the place for startups or anyone who’s considering to launch a startup can learn from their peers, and avoid mistakes.

2. For Digital Marketers And Marketing Agencies

Although, digital marketing is not a new industry, it however poses many challenges for those in the field. From changing search engine algorithms to new features of major social media platforms, and new tools in the market to try out, you know you can’t know it all. #GuruChats is the place to learn from digital marketing experts and agencies which have mastered the game.

3. For Graphic Designers, Web Designers And Creatives

The backbone of any branding effort are the creatives. Whether you’re a brand identity designer, web designer or advertising creative, losing your mojo, not getting paid, client dealing issues, getting clients, trademark and copyrights are real problems we all understand too well. Here’s how new and seasoned designers can learn from each other; how to tackle these by sharing tips and advice on how to deal with them effectively without losing out.

*Needless to say this is not specifically for graphic designers who work on our crowdsourcing platform. For issues related to projects join this group.

Never Been On A Twitter Chat?

For those who’ve never been on Twitter chat, all I can say is it’s fun! Twitter chats are events where people gather on Twitter in a chat “room” using a specific hashtag – in our case #GuruChats. It’s usually fixed at a time, and anyone who wants to interact with others, use the hashtag to communicate their point of view. Most Twitter chats have an agenda, topic or issue they discuss at great length.

The best part about Twitter chats is that it’s informal – anyone can participate and chip in their two cents (but do not spam), share their expertise, and even get mentions from their fellow chatters (without spamming).

There are few rules to observe though when you’re on a Twitter chat.

  1. You may use Twitter.com to follow a chat by using the hashtag (#GuruChats in our case) in the search bar or you can use Tweetdeck, Tweetchat or any other Twitter aggregators to simultaneously interact with participants and follow the chat, again searching for the hashtag (e.g.#GuruChats).
  2. Since people will be following the chat even way after the scheduled time, be sure to include the hashtag (e.g.#GuruChats) when you comment or answer a question or interact with tweeters.
  3. Twitter restricts users by the number of characters you can use in each tweet. This means you’ll have to condense your idea or thoughts within a 140 characters limit. A smart way to go about this is pre-draft your answers.
  4. On the day of the chat be sure to log in 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time to get ready and be prepared for any glitches.
  5. Your host will usually start off by launching questions one by one specific to the topic in this order Q1, Q2, Q3 etc. You may answer the questions as they are posted or schedule your answers according to the time they’re posted. Mark your answers as A1, A2, A3 etc. to correspond to the respective question numbers so people will know which question you’re answering to.
  6. Feel free to interact with other participants, give tips, ask questions, answer questions or any kind of knowledge you feel like sharing during the chat. Be sure to add the chat hashtag (e.g. #GuruChats) with every tweet.
  7. Best tip: Be yourself and have fun!

Now that you’ve got the scoop, who’s in?

Janil Jean is an idealist blogger and social media addict who loves conversations related to branding, storytelling, startups and small business technology and design.

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