LEGO in BrandSpotlight – An Insightful Journey into the ‘System of Play’

LEGO is selling 1200 bricks a second. There are 86 bricks for each person in this world. Interesting to note how huge LEGO has become.

The journey of a giant enterprise such as LEGO has had numerous twists and turns that span almost a century. It has established an unforgettable image and entertained children and parents alike. It is not just the toy from our childhood. It is one of those brands that compete not only on products but also according to the brand’s identity. In case of LEGO, a worldwide toy manufacturer, the biggest asset has been the brand and its focus on customer relationships. Let’s take a look at LEGO’s journey from the very beginning.

LEGO has recently modified their business model to cater to different age groups and people who enjoy playful learning. In a time when teenagers are more absorbed by Facebook and online games, LEGO brings them together for imaginative construction.

However, LEGO faces a tremendous challenge of keeping the vision of the company alive by creating toys that live up to the expectations of the digital world. Also it has taken a long time for the company officials to realize the importance of AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) and how it help re-launch the brand. To cater to AFOLs, the LEGO architecture line has been developed and been an instant hit. The Sears and the Hancock Towers were the first to hit shelves, and the rest followed intermittently. This was the first time that LEGO has been able to quote premium price far more than they could get for a child’s bricks set.

Ironically, it has been proven from their internal research that no matter how much they sell LEGO sets, the average time a child spends with them is getting less with each passing year. Children of today spend more time on online games and video streaming than on physical toys. Now that LEGO is aware of the fact, let’s see how the Future Lab conducts experiments to improvise their products. The adult fans of LEGO have done their bit and here’s a glimpse of that.



Learn more about LEGO’s revival and how its fans brought it back from the dead.

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