Let your Corporate Font Speak for your Business!

Let your Corporate Font Speak for your Business!

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Molding lettering according to commercial demands!

A few decades back, the choices for corporate fonts were scarce. There was Times New Roman, Ariel or Garamond used in business documentation. Now since the leap into the online world, things have changed sharply. Business owners are curious to know what are the elements of a good design? Some say it has to be as simple as possible while others tout that a good design is understated and pretty hard to describe. But these are generic statements, we have something more profound.

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We will give you a taste of corporate fonts representing genres of business. Of course, there are a set of different font combinations for each business sector. A start-up business needs to catch attention so the fonts that will catch attention are Hagin with Lora, whereas in health and wellness, serpentine is an all-time hit. Name more apt combinations you can think of. For more corporate font combinations, check the Infographic .

Let your Corporate Font Speak for your Business

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