Let’s Talk Logo – The ABC of Logo Design

New to the world of graphic designing? There are many lessons you need to learn in order to be a professional logo designer. We are planning to have a series of blog posts to guide you each step of the way!

For now, we would like to get you familiar with the basic concept of logo designing and its importance in today’s world. Enjoy the ride! Discover the ABC of logo design.

What Is A Logo?

In simple words, a logo is a vector art  that represents the company and its services. It’s a symbol used by companies for promotion and public recognition purposes. It also serves as a visual cue for obtaining brand loyalty. Considering the fiercely competitive business world today, a logo design is an extremely important element that a company cannot do without.

The Logo Design Principles

Like every other design process, logo designing works on certain principles. Simplicity, versatility and easily memorable are just some of the main ones. It is important that people remember your company logo otherwise it may not withstand the test of time, nor the competition.

Logos designs that do not following the basic design principles, often risk being declared as unprofessional or amateur. These designs could even fail to grasp a potential customer’s attention, keeping the company at a possible loss. Make sure the logo design doesn’t look like the work of an amateur and makes the crowd wonder what the designer was thinking when s/he created it! Leave no room for wild imagination.

Example 1: The computer doctor logo is a classic example of a design concept gone wrong. Looking at the logo one would assume it represents an online healthcare website, although it is actually for a computer repair shop. While the K9 Compassion Foundation’s logo looks amateurish.

bad logo designsImage Source: Google Images
How a Logo Represents a Brand?

In today’s competitive world, every business has to stand out from its counterparts. Thus, they want to create a brand mark that acts as a visual representation of a successful brand.

Looking at a logo, a customer should have positive thoughts about the company. When it appeals to the target audience and the company receives attention, it is considered as a successful brand.

Example: The Nike logo is in the form of a check which represents the message that it is the right choice for customers and McDonald’s ‘M’ is recognized worldwide and has come to stand for tasty burgers.

brand logo designsImage Source: Google Images
How You Can Be a Successful Logo Designer?

To be a successful designer you have to be a good observer, have strong aesthetic skills and must have a passion for playing with colors and designs. You also need to know the technical details of logo designing (software, design terms, tools, techniques etc) like the back of your hand.

You need to have the passion for creating unique and original logo designs.  Copy and pasting or using free graphic symbols and shapes is strongly discouraged.  Like every other piece of art work, creativity is a lifeline.  However, since this is also a professional field, you need to understand the intricate relation between creativity and professionalism.  This is the key to your success as a professional designer.

Now that you have a basic idea as to what a logo design is, stay tuned for more posts as we take you step by step on the logo journey to planet graphic design!

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