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Local NJ Electric Contractor Succeeds with Senior Niche Marketing

Digital marketing with visual content and social media is all the rage in the current market, but what about the seniors that lack the interest in computers or technology? How can a local business reach these people on a budget?

The senior market is booming as the lifespan of each generation grows longer, and opportunities are plentiful for a local business. This age group has the potential to increase your earnings as long as you understand how to reach them. To ensure that the digital marketing budget spending will improve the reach of your services successfully, local businesses in particular look for creative ways to tap into the senior citizen age group.

Maurice Dattoli, a local business owner in Toms River, NJ has successfully tapped into the elusive market of those over 50. While his electrical contracting service has been up and running for over 25 years, his generator business is relatively new and targeted to the older generations.

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Maurice found that the best way to reach this particular age group was good old-fashioned word of mouth and van advertisements. While he does have a website for his electric contractor business, most of his customers are found through referrals.

Listen to Maurice on why he marketed CME Electric to senior citizens

Tap into a need

When targeting older persons it’s especially important to consider the functionality and safety of the product and how it matches up with their needs. Put together a business plan and reach out to seniors through avenues they would have access to.

Cut the fluff marketing

When it comes to marketing, seniors are a tough crowd. Cut the fluffy words and tell them upfront what problem you are solving. They’ve seen it all when it comes to advertising and will skip right over you if you waste their time.

Segment your audience

It is essential to segment a particular piece of the senior or baby boomer market. Senior citizens can’t be grouped together as one large sum; they range in age from 55 to 95.

Maurice found success by targeting seniors that have pressing health concerns that require them to ensure they continue to have electricity no matter what the weather is like. Think of how your services can apply to a particular niche and tailor your marketing to them.

Local aging networking

If you are a local or community-based business, it will be helpful for you to do a little networking with your local aging network and those working with or on behalf of older adults in your community.  Not only are you helping your business, but you can broaden your reach with the other business in the area to run local events together or meet up for educational tips on services for seniors.

What do you feel is the best marketing medium that a local business can use to reach a senior citizen?

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