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Successful Logo Designs from UK and US Empowering Startups

What is your brand’s reputation in the market? How do you even build one?

Top brands belonging to an array of industries such as food, travel, current affairs, technology, telecommunications, automobiles and many more devote 50% of their total brand identity focus on logo design. Advertisements can change, marketing strategies can differ each year but logo (brand’s face) remains alive for a much longer time, or perhaps forever. Hence, it has become critical for both brands and designers to create and deliver logos that are striking, memorable, versatile and unique.

Brands are reliant on their visual identity represented through typeface, illustration and color, which distinguish businesses, their products and services from one another. It serves a critical purpose in the development of any business; and marketers as well as advertisers use this identity to reach specific target markets in order to garner attention, and eventually contribute to the overall growth of their respective trades.

Thus, as much as there is a focus on the product mix; greater emphasis is given to the identities of brands around the world. After dissecting the aspects of brand identity, the major chunk is reserved by: the brand’s logo. Furthermore, even a logo is vastly dependent on one thing — the design. A better understanding of the relationship between brand identity and logo design can be found in this presentation.

It is therefore evident that logo design is invaluable for a brand’s progress, but what is its importance to businesses, both big and small? The answer to this is available in Successful Logo Designs from UK and US Empowering Startups”. It is a compact encyclopedia on American and British brands, analyzing the ways in which popular brands strategize their identities.

The total ad expenditure of the world has increased by 6% since 2014. However, why should you care to know the design tactics of these two countries? They are ranked among the top 5 spenders on advertising in 2015. Moreover, they own around 59% of the overall market share of the global creative industry.

The accomplishment of USA and UK brands come from the story they present to their audience. However, will you pick up a book from the shelf if you don’t like its title? I wouldn’t. Similarly, will you care to look at a brand if the logo is not attractive?

We all have fashion sensibilities and we strive to stay en trend, thus we tend to detach from things that are not up-to-the-minute or their first impression is not to our taste. This said, the responsibility of designers has augmented, over the years, because not only do they have to resonate the brand’s principles in its logo but also align it to the overall preference of design in this world.

If you are a startup or a small business, then these slides will become your trusted friend. They will guide you through the logo design process by suggesting the approaches used by UK and USA brands. And if you are a designer then your knowledge about logo design tactics will enhance.

Start learning by browsing through the slide deck below!

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