Spooky Logo Design Inspirations for Halloween

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Trick or Treat? Yes, Halloween is just around the corner awaiting to haunt you. So, beware and be inspired!

While people are busy prepping for this festive occasion, different brands around the world are doing the same. How? Brands change their identities such as logo design, packaging, and marketing material to display their celebratory image during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween etc. The best example in this context is Google Doodle — its themed illustrations and multimedia attract users.

Why do brands spend so much time, money and effort in doing all this?

Consumers in Halloween

Around the world, emphasis is put on consumer psychology — a subject that is extensively researched upon. According to several studies, people are willing to spend more on special and universal celebrations that come once a year. It is suggested in a research titled HALLOWEEN AS A CONSUMPTION EXPERIENCE that “Examining cultural festivities as consumption phenomena can provide novel insights into consumer behavior…”

According to Google trends, the two countries with the most searches for Halloween related keywords are United States and Canada.

As per reports, total Halloween spending will top around $7 billion this year in the United States. An average American, as forecasted by National Retail Federation, will spend $74.34 on things like food, candies, decorations, gifts, and costumes etc.

Jeffrey Schwartz of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services in Canada said, “Halloween has quickly become one of the largest shopping seasons of the year, with individuals spending upwards of $60 just on their costumes.” Also, over 40% Canadians decorated their backyards in 2014 with Halloween items. On the other hand, product sales in UK are expected to grow by 4% to 5% this year.

This said, you may be wondering what’s in it for you.

Get Inspired with Halloween Logo

Sometimes you need to loosen your inflexible self and join everyone in different celebrations, by transforming your brand. Use such occasions to strengthen the bond between your brand and consumers. Whether you are an entrepreneur, brand manager or a logo designer, themed logo designs are interesting and catchy, and you should consider this practice.

Here’s how you can design theme-oriented logos:

  • Use color coordination tactics to provoke emotions
  • Balance design elements to achieve visual harmony
  • Select effective typeface befitting the occasion
  • Create monograms that successfully symbolize your idea

Know that you can be as creative as you want, and designers can surely show their wild side. Here are custom logo designs to inspire you and get you rolling.














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