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A Breath Of Fresh Air – The New And Improved Logo Design Guru

Oh, this is exciting! We’re happy to announce our “new” website is LIVE.

Something was surely cooking behind the curtains and it wasn’t a plain cheese pasta. We were working hard to make a stunning user-interface and an efficient user-experience so our clients and designers can work on the platform with ease. The new Logo Design Guru website offers its visitors a user-friendly navigation, hassle-free search, simple steps to start a project, and a convenient dashboard.

What’s New?

The first impression matters and we’ve certainly taken care of it. We also made sure your experience with us isn’t simply satisfactory but extraordinary.


With our team of expert web designers we’ve completely transformed the look of Logo Design Guru. The moment you open the new website, you will notice a remarkable difference. The design is clean, readable and manageable.

You’ll instantly see how convenient it is to browse the new website and get to where you want. With prominent call-to-action buttons and menu, you will no longer face difficulty in finding what you’re looking for.

Here’s a sneak-peek. See the new website.

visit our new website


We used a modern and minimal approach to provide our visitors with:

  • A faster web page loading speed
  • Enhanced buyer’s journey all the way
  • Easy-breezy viewability on different devices

With the help of our professional web developers, we’re positive the way you interact with Logo Design Guru on your mobile, laptop and desktop will be like sailing through a calm ocean. From portfolio to packages, everything is accessible – displayed and explained with comprehensible icons and language.


After logging on you’ll be guided to start another project, view your projects, check your messages, update your profile and package, and contact us. Everything important is up front with clear guidelines. Your dashboard is divided into the following categories:

For the Project Holders

  • My projects
  • Messages
  • 1-to-1 projects
  • ClientShare
  • Transactions

For the Designers

  • My projects
  • Messages
  • 1-to-1 projects
  • My widget
  • Transactions

At any time if you’d like support with anything on your dashboard, you can simply click on the ‘live support’ button to get instant access to one of our helpful customer service agents.

customer service agents

Our Vision Ahead

We strive for the best! Our clients and designers are the crux of Logo Design Guru, and we will always try the very best to provide you with great product and services, experience and guidance. Our aim is to offer business owners with beautiful and custom brand designs without breaking their bank. We hope you enjoy our transformation.

We can’t wait for you to visit our new website!

Have a look and share your views.

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