Has the Mobile Mapquest Rebranding Arrived Too Late?

Has the Mobile Mapquest Rebranding Arrived Too Late?

Mapquest rebranding includes a new website, logo, and UI design. Is it too late to save this old mapping brand from dying completely?

The last time Mapquest revamped their brand identity was in 2010, but it seems that with Verizon acquiring them, they decided to change their style yet again. Rebranding is an old marketing strategy in which an established company brand shakes up their old design with the intention of developing a new brand identity in the minds of consumers.

Mapquest was the market leader for driving directions up until 2009, when Google displaced its listing in top search engine results in their goal to remove links to competitors’ mapping sites. Since then, Mapquest rested in a somewhat comfortable second-place as the go-to map resource, but it has not vanished completely!

According to Brian Timoney, Mapquest partnered with Mapbox to move towards a mobile-centric strategy on the Mapbox Mobile SDK and integrating cloud-based DevOps with map usage analytics. Mapquest’s changes were planned before the Verizon acquisition when they had partnered with Mapbox.

New brand identity

“We are mapping pioneers with an early history rooted in exploring the frontier. We were at the forefront of mapping in the dawn of the digital age. And we’re redefining the category, yet again.”

Despite its initial design flaws, Mapquest has survived the transition to the modern digital world with moderate success. The new logo appears to be an attempt to modernize their brand and update its look for the Millennial and younger generation. The most popular critic of the new logo relates it to the 1970s logos of the past – does that small observation already doom this logo redesign to mocking?

Here’s the logo’s evolution over the years:

mapquest logo evolution

New website design

Once the new mobile website is out of beta, expect a cleaner user experience that has drastically improved the visuals of the older cartographic style. The new web design is modern and easy to navigate. Most website redesigns in the past few years have shifted to concentrate more on mobile devices. It seems that Mapquest has caught onto the idea and the new design is mobile optimized.

new mapquest website

Improved user experience

Mapquest contracted out its map rendering to the high profile start-up Mapbox, and the results are a desperately needed update to its user interface.

Old Design

New Design

Category buttons are easier to spot and business information is better presented – and if you’re a fan of shopping with local business, the local listings content has improved too!

Enhanced and improved features include:

  • Responsive design for Mapquest.com for mobile and desktop
  • New tablet and mobile UI experiences, including enhanced features for city and urban users
  • Continued utility and partnership with consumer products such as Priceline,com, OpenTable, SeatGeak, and more


new mapquest UI design 2

new mapquest UI design

new mapquest UI design hotels

Will the improvement to the user interface and a rebrand of their identity save the second-rate directions app? Only time will tell if this choice was a good one.

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