Around the World with the Marauder’s Map for Instagram Users

Around the World with the Marauder’s Map for Instagram Users

Attention Marauders..

I solemnly swear that I am upto no good!

I will be spying on the world to keep an eye on selfie lovers, and #instagrammers. Most people don’t think for a moment before making light of them, but do you know they comprise a major chunk of population of the world. According to the PEW stats, most of the top accounts on instagram are owned by celebrities but guess who’s second in the league? They are art lovers, foodies, fashionistas and pet keepers. What does that say about this platform that gained massive popularity in just a few years? It’s a goldmine for marketers to say the least. It is also proving to be an untapped avenue for small and innovative businesses. Let’s dwell into the nitty gritties to know what made this platform big.

A little About Insta

The insta journey begins from October 6, 2010 when it was introduced as a humble photo sharing app. Little did Mike Krieger knew that it will catch nations with a craze for selfies. It became an instant success and within a month and a half, the users reached to 1 million. That’s a big achievement for something so simple. That was a quick flashback. There is more interesting stuff ahead.

After it got acquired by facebook, it never saw a fall. The number of users joining instagram are still on the rise. It now has 300 million monthly active users and the biggest inflow of traffic it gets is from the United States. The most followed account is that of Kimkardashian with more than 25 million followers. The platform holds potential for designers, agencies, artist and photographers. You can also find some of the most amazing designers on instagram  who showcase their portfolio in imagery.

Beyond Selfies – Towards Brands

Moving on, this photo-sharing app has gone beyond images and now it allows its users to share videos – all thanks to Facebook. Having captured the video market, insta is giving a tough time to vine. Let’s wait for vine’s next move because this battle of the socials is taking a pretty interesting turn.

Since Instagram now offers a lucrative platform for marketers and brands, everyone is willing to use it to their advantage. Besides where else can they get such a highly segmented target market. It is a platform preferred by youngsters in an age bracket of 16-25.

So far, there have been 30 billion photos shared through this app. One of the many things that fuel this platform are hashtags. For hashtag users this is redundant information but this is for the muggles (non-insta users).

Popular Hashtags

  • Selfie
  • Foodporn
  • OOTDs
  • Photogram
  • Quotes
  • Instaphoto
  • Instadaily
  • Selfiesunday

Why Marauders and Instagram?

Now it’s time to burst your bubble. You must be wondering what is the connection between, Marauder’s map and Instagram? I had three reasons for drawing this connection:

  1. Moony, Padfoot, Wormtail, and Prongs lost their fame that they can only it reclaim through Instagram, all they need to do is upload a bunch of selfies.
  2. The photo-sharing app takes you on board and allows you to travel magical destinations that are not in Hogwarts but right here in this world.
  3. Thirdly, it is turning into a platform that houses designers aka wizards of the visual world.

People don’t just follow instagram, they become fans for life. Let’s explore some more interesting facts on this map.

Around the World with the Marauder’s Map for Instagram Users

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