Holiday Season

#MarketingMistakes: Holiday Season Woes That Will Rob You Sales

All the candy canes, mistletoes, and tinsels will not carry your business forward to 2016 if you are not wise about your marketing efforts.

During the holiday season, most startups and small businesses make marketing mistakes like investing in window dressing their shops to rival competitors in an effort to “outshine” them. But guess what? Today’s buyers are not easily swayed by glossy marketing gimmicks than they are by intelligently placed marketing campaigns.

“When you start with what’s at stake for the buyer, you earn the right to their attention.” — Jake Sorofman

This holiday season, do make the effort and invest in a small sum on marketing campaigns that will allow you to reap the benefits of peak season sales. Use marketing tools that’ll help you develop a comprehensive and successful marketing plan. It’s better than not spending a single dime and being robbed of these same sales. And while you’re at it, make sure you do not make the dire mistakes as outlined in my podcast.

Overall, the wisdom lies in being able to discern buyers’ needs, their problems and their ultimate goals, and being able to solve their issues in a timely manner. Be intuitive to your customers’ needs and you’d have won half the battle. Personalizing it is another challenge that can help you move ahead of your competitors without breaking your budget.

In this podcast you will learn how to do all that, and more. Take a listen!

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