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Marketing To Millennial Moms With Unpredictable Shopping Behavior

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Technology has been a game changer for millennial moms and it has affected their shopping behavior on a wide scale. They are quick to adapt to new technology changes and keep up with the latest trends when smart phones and portable devices are at their disposal. Now a millennial mom comprises a majority of mom’s populace and they have varying needs. These are women whose multi-faceted lifestyles require broader wardrobes and whose bodies may be changing, but still they want to look fashionable and classy.

Previously, we have witnessed in gender based consumer behavior how women shoppers tend to be more selective and thorough in their choices. They are the decision makers for everything including consumer products and baby items. Before we delve into the various aspects of millennial moms, let’s explore the peculiar traits of a millennial mom.

  • They are tech enabled
  • Operate across multiple distribution channels and media
  • They are driven by healthy lifestyles
  • They are instant gratifiers (since they can access information through smartphones)

Millennial Mom – Online Shopping Behavior

70 percent of millennial moms go online most frequently through their phone compared to 30 percent of non-Millennial moms. – eMarketer

Besides the fact that millennial moms are mostly online, it is worth noting that they have a huge percentage that are online through mobile. In fact, some of the millennial moms have also confessed that they use their phones more than their laptop or desktop PC.

Profiling Millennial Moms

Scarborough offers some interesting profile data for millennial moms, indicating that:

  • 52% are unmarried;
  • 30% have an annual household income of at least $50k; and
  • 8% are students.

As far as their race or ethnicity, young mothers are 18% more likely than average to self-identify as Black and 22% more likely to self-identify as Hispanic. While this is the basic demographic segmentation, millennial moms can further be dissected into sub-groups based on their roles in life. A new parent or a mid-life parent or a mother of graduating kids but it’s important to note that the implication of age should not be too obvious in marketing campaign otherwise it runs the risk of getting rejected by audiences.

Marketing To Millennial Moms

When targeting moms, marketing content needs to show representative women; however, being too explicit about what ages you serve can be a major turn off. This calls for the need to understand that marketers can pull off even with offending a millennial mom. Indeed the communication and marketing messages can go extremely horrid because there is a subtle difference between offending and pleasing a millennial mom. Let’s find out the do’s and don’ts while marketing to a diverse section of consumers under observation.

Marketing To Millennial Moms
Another form of impactful marketing to millennial moms is influencer marketing. Whether its bloggers or social media influencers, millennial moms are connected with a diverse network. In various consumer segments, influencer marketing plays a key role and moms are quick to pick the connection.

Dispelling The Myths Around Mom Shoppers

Marketers are often mistaken about the assumptions they make for mom shoppers. In some instances, the crude analysis is helpful but when they make decisions based solely on that myth, that’s when they fail to judge millennial moms. Now a millennial mom could be single parent or a working mother or managing multiple roles at a time but would not change the fact that they will shop. In fact, they have better buying power in all these situations.


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