Are You Creative or a Douchebag at CTA Savviness

Are You Creative or a Douchebag at CTA Savviness?

Have you observed annoying pop-ups and buttons on websites that distracts you from reading the content? These are actually a douchebag way of putting call to actions (CTA). Businesses tend to overdo the buttons on their websites to get attention, without realizing that it will go against the brand image. These pop-ups constantly bug the readers and make them leave your website. Instead, opt for creative and intelligent call to actions (CTA’s) that would persuade your client to click.

Persuasive call to actions, sound easy, doesn’t it? But it is hard to incorporate them. Your objective is to make your readers stay on your site. Most important aspect of placing intelligent CTA’s, is providing readers with the quality content, so that they don’t just scroll and leave.

This infographic will guide you in getting more visitors on your website, and help you in exploring potential online platforms available for small businesses to track the desired users.

As a small business owner, it is crucial that you understand the psychographics of the visitors coming to your website. The more you know your users, the better call to actions you can provide. I have listed down 11 creative ways of placing CTA’s on your pages. However, if you can suggest more clever ideas, share with us in the comment box.

Are You Creative or a Douchebag at CTA Savviness?

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