Memorial Day Tribute in Posters

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Popular design elements in historic commemoration!

It is the day we commemorate the brave soldiers who lost their lives while serving the country. It is a federal holiday in the United States when all Americans remember the sacrifices of military members, their spouses, children, and family members. That’s right, it’s about more than just the life of soldiers. We owe a lot to their families as well. No other day in the American calendar is more somber than this day, yet when you ask children “What happens on Memorial Day?” They’ll say it’s the day when the pools open.

However, so much more happens on this day. Homage is paid to the courage and sacrifice of the fallen soldiers, honor their families, present a folded flag to their spouses or parents, and recognize the kids who have only ever known their parent from photographs.

To honor the memories of the fallen soldiers, heroes of the past and their families, we’ve assembled a collection of motivational poster design inspirations.

1. The Flag makes the First Appearance

Memorial Day

There is no better way to show patriotism!

2. Graphical Posters with Hashtags in Images

Graphical Posters

If it’s trending, the world will know about it.

3. We have a History of the Memorial Day

History Of Memorial Day

This remembrance is more than a century old, but the red and blue are still present.

4. Calling in All the Youth

Walk In Graphics!

Perfect depiction of Memorial Day walk in graphics!

5. A Soldier Getting Ready for Battle


It was a do or die moment!

6. Memorial Day in Comic Books

Captain America and Superman

Captain America and Superman, the superheroes wearing the flag.

7. Perfect Embodiment with Keep Calm Slogan

Calm SloganThey are fighting for you.

8. The Hat and The Badge

Hat And The Badge

Honoring the fallen soldier.

9. Let’s Keep the Flag High

Flag High

In the colors of patriotism

10. Let’s Thank Them Together

Let’s Thank Them Together

You will always be remembered!

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