Minion Logo Designs: It’s All Bananas!

Minion Logo Designs: It’s All Bananas!

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Imagine waking up one beautiful morning, the sun streaming in through the windows, and turning lazily in bed with a smile on your face – only to discover you’re lying next to a Minion! It’s not the sun. Your entire world has gone yellow. It’s all bananas, but don’t scream yet. Your boyfriend, for all you know, could still be your Prince Charming, even in your new reality. No? Sorry.

Slip away to the bathroom quietly [you don’t want to wake him up, after all] but wait, the mirror reveals you are a Minion too! Not unlike the face on your toothpaste and shampoo. Your soap, the towel, and the bathtub are all yellow, as is your body, and no matter how hard you scrub, it just won’t wash off. Oh, and your wardrobe is now full to bursting with blue overalls. Yes, nothing else – just those.

Still holding that scream in? Good, because when you run out of the house in terror, your car is yellow with blue tires and seats. The drive to work is terrifying too – Minions, everywhere you look! Don’t pinch yourself. It will only hurt, and this is not a dream. The irresistible urge you feel to shout “Bananas!” at the top of your voice is real, the security guard did just greet you with a “Bello”, and yes, he too was wearing blue overalls.

Welcome to Minion World, where a short, balding, yellow figure – who looks exactly like you b.t.w. – greets you wherever you turn. You rush inside, and lo and behold, and bananas [don’t forget those], your boss is a Minion, as are all your co-workers. Well duh, right? He’s an angry Minion too because you’re late, so he goes “Sa la ka!” and you squeak a quick, nervous “Opa?” in response.

It’s really time to wake up from this nightmare but before you open your mouth to scream, you realize all your favorite brands, along with their packaging, design, and branding have been Minionized, and they look something like these:

Minion Logo Designs


All Your Brands In Action


If you’re not over the Minion land, get a minion themed logo for your brand.

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