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Mobile App Frenzy Storms the Healthcare Sector

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From photo editor to location finder, there is a mobile app for everything. Why should healthcare be any different? Talented startups are cooking up new apps to overcome major difficulties faced by doctors and patients alike, and they took the #CES 2016 conference by storm. These entrepreneurs and startups are transforming the healthcare sector as we know it. They offer healthcare and fitness apps that are:

• Time-saving for both patients and doctors
• Offering a marketplace where patients can stay updated about treatment options
• Streamlining the hectic procedure of diagnosis and treatment

With these endeavors, the digital health phenomenon continues to grow at an astonishing pace. With numerous fitness apps hitting the market, there is invariably more innovative solutions for diagnosing, monitoring and treatment of illnesses. Let’s not forget, the mobile app frenzy will also influence and lead to more technologies that will keep people healthier and further improve the process of diagnosing and treating illness in a timely manner. Some of these apps will be a means to provide big data for medical records that will play a dominant role in the future of diagnostics.

Doesn’t it feels like we are living in a futuristic fiction world? Indeed not. All this will not seem too far-fetched if you know about these latest apps that both patients and healthcare providers can use.

1. Curatio

This app allows the survivors of chronic diseases and other patients to stay connected, find support groups, relevant medical information in a highly personalized way without any concerns for spammers and irrelevant users jamming the group. Curatio uniquely combines patient matchmaking with disease management support in a private, personalized mobile platform. And here comes the best part, both doctors and patients can use it.


2. Pocket Anatomy

That’s like health secrets in your pocket! This is an interesting and interactive app that allows people to understand their physical and health condition through videos and other visual content in 3D. No matter what mobile device you are using, Pocket Anatomy will provide sharp images with crisp visibility. It’s a must have for doctors who would like to educate their patients about the nitty gritties of their condition. So the next time your patient steps in, all you have to do is pull out your cell phone and show them where the problem lies.


3. Yingo Yango

A post –discharge patient engagement platform is the tagline that defines this mobile convenience. It caters to a broken problem in the healthcare system that neglects out-patient treatment. It’s a cloud based platform that allows coordination for wellness programs within an enterprise. Yingo Yango app can be used by the patient for all kinds of post-discharge co-ordination.

yingo yango

4. Punctil

When patients have to wait for hours to see a doctor or when the doctor schedules a time but faces a no-show or cancellation, then it gets really frustrating at both ends. Punctil is a smart app that allows patients to publish their time of arrival whereas the doctors can keep them posted about the waiting time required. It’s more like a punctuality app for healthcare that offers certain additional perks. Again this app can be used by both doctors and patients.


5. Accel Diagnostics

This is an ingenious time-saving device for the patients of congestive heart failure. The diagnostic device comprises of a thin strip the size of a credit card and it pairs to a mobile app. A drop of blood is all that is required to test. After placing the blood drop on the strip, they just have to take a picture from the app and send the data to the concerned physician. For a patient with cardiac disorder time is of essence, but the stage of diagnostics takes some time.

Accel diagnostics

6. Psyinnovation

Uncontrolled anxiety is the problem that affects mental health. It’s no surprise that there is an app for that too. Now you can improve your performance and emotional health with this mobile application based therapy. A 5 to 10 minute session with this app in the morning can prep you for public speaking, have that board meeting, or conquer the world. You will feel you have control over your nerves in social situations such as interviews and dating too.


7. Babyscripts

Now this one is a pre-natal care program delivered to moms after confirmation of pregnancy and when they sign up for Babyscripts. It comprises of a mommy’s kit that features wireless weight and blood pressure devices that are connected to an iPhone app. It enables pregnant women to maintain a record that will come in handy for timely and efficient patient care.


8. Mouthwatch

This app paired with an intra-oral camera facilitates oral health monitoring for patients and allows dental professionals to extend care to patients with limited access. Mouthwatch is a one-of-a-kind app that allows co-diagnoses with the help of quality images. So for the first time, patients opting for dental care will not be clueless of their condition.


9. Kuveda

Kuveda is a big data analytics web tool that can be viewed for reference by healthcare providers, Labs and of course the patients. It conducts automated analysis of patient’s unique molecular profile and then offers oncology treatment recommendations accordingly. Kuveda is a smart platform that intends to create awareness that even before cancer shows a physical site of origin, it will definitely have a genomic site of origin.


10. Dermio

For people embarrassed about their dermatological condition or with time constraints, this mobile application will provide timely access to certified dermatologists. The patients can use this iPhone app to privately post images or videos for a dermatologist to review. After that the patient can have a virtual private consultation with them. Once the condition is analyzed, the doctor can privately post the diagnosis and treatment plan.


11. Joint Academy

Joint Academy previously known as Joints offers a 6-week non-invasive program for the treatment of joints pain with the help of behavioral medicine. The program involves individualized physical activity, education about lifestyle changes which involves video sessions, and a one-on-one coaching from a physiotherapist.


12. SavorHealth

This program is tailored to provide cancer nutrition management solution. Previously known as meals to heal, SavorHealth covers the personal health requirements for the patients in various stages of cancer diagnosis and treatment. A patient’s medical condition is evaluated by their in-house team of oncology dieticians who will then determine the patient’s optimal nutritional profile and then dietary plan is created. You can also ask for a personalized meal delivery as well.


13. FutureDocs

This one is a free digital engagement platform connecting doctors and patients. The users can conveniently get online appointments, patient follow-ups whereas doctors get a chance to improve medical practices and yield better outcomes for patients.

With digital revolution, healthcare apps are on the rise. This collection of apps features smart startups that will contribute to the future of diagnostics, therapeutics and medicine, but the future of healthcare mobile apps is not limited to these.

Have we missed any? Let us know in the comment below.

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