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Caring vs Assertive: Sides to a Mother Depicted in Symbolic Visuals

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The beauty about motherhood is that it displays the many sides to becoming a mother. I know not because I am one but I have seen my sisters go through the phases of being pregnant and then finally holding their babies in their arms. It is surely surprising to see how all the discomfort vanishes into thin air once you see your little darling.

Obviously, every mother is different in her own way but the fact that they love their child is true for all. I thought for this Mother’s Day, it will be fun to depict the diverse natures of moms in symbolic visuals that can be used as logo designs for a company or even as creative stickers.

So this is a tribute to all the mothers who are truly the most inspiring individuals in the world.

Types of Mothers

Mothers are women and women are human beings and all humans are different from one another. Imagine if they all were same, it would have been a nightmare of robotic throne. I adore my mom the way she is and would never want her to be like anyone else. She is one in billion however many there are. I am sure you feel the same way and this emotion cannot be compared to any other.

While women in motherhood have similar experiences of struggles and joy, but they are still not the same when it comes to nature and reaction. For example, a caring mother will have a soft approach to explaining her child from doing something that could hurt him. However, an assertive mom may be autocratic with her leadership method when it comes to keeping things tight around home.

This said, there are some mothers who have more than one personality. While they are intellectual, they are also head-strong and sometimes even dream to have a diva day at the mall. My mom, for instance, is adventurous, glamorous and assertive too. While we see these women through a lens of kinship, we have to acknowledge and admire them for being multi-dimensional.

Let us crawl in and check out the types of mothers there are. Tell me what you think in the comments below. I’ll be looking forward to reading them.


Mothers Day Symbolic Logos Determined Mom

Determination is the key to success, whether it is about climbing a mountain or raising a child. This illustration presents a woman who can surf through high and low waves with ease even with her little one by the side. When they set their mind to anything, they make sure they achieve it and that too with success.

Design Idea: use this visual as a badge on a sports club brochure or to sell stickers for sporty moms.


Mothers Day Symbolic Logos Glamorous Mom

Just because a woman has become a mother does not mean her life has ended. She has the right to keep herself polished. My mother of five children in her sixties still dresses up like an eighteen year old who loves body glitter. People often question her looks but she never lets comments ruin her day at the spa or refrain her from going shopping. By the way, you should let her go because she might even buy something for her little princess or prince.

Design Idea: a logo design concept for a fashion store for mothers who love shopping

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Mothers Day Symbolic Logos Intellectual Mom

Mothers have a secret life too, and many love to read from romantic novels to books on motherhood. This visual is an ode to all those readers who finally get the time at night to snuggle in bed with their favorite story. In fact, such mothers also train their children to develop a habit of reading. I know because my sister is a book-a-holic and so is her son. They spend an hour before bedtime to savor narratives.

Design Idea: you can use this visual idea for a book cover or as a social media image for mommy readers.


Mothers Day Symbolic Logos Health Conscious Mom

Let us face when you are pregnant, you surely gain a few pounds extra. It’s the time when many women forget all about keeping themselves fit. My cousin would eat desserts all the time as she could not curb her craving. However, there are some moms who just don’t compromise their health. No matter if they just got to know they are expecting or the time when they are full-term pregnant or when they are through with the delivery — they always make sure that they are healthy and so is their baby.

Design Idea: a gym for mothers can use this concept as their logo or as an illustration on their leaflet.


Mothers Day Symbolic Logos Assertive Mom

If you are a mom reading this, you will probably not be bothered. If you are the kid with an assertive mother then good-luck. Assertive moms are super-confident and make sure they are heard. In this visual, you can see a teenage girl and a mother who has no time to deal with nonsense. The hands on either represent the idea that too much of anything traps you and your child. So it is best to maintain an equilibrium when it comes to having things your way.

Design Idea: can be used as a logo for a consultant company or magazine that give relationship advice.


Mothers Day Symbolic Logos Caring Mom

As a contrast there are many mothers who are considerate and affectionate. Well, to be honest an assertive mom can also be caring. In this visual, you can instantly feel gentleness. Many times we think of our mothers as stringent but their severity is underlined with loving tones. A caring mom is surely someone you can trust and hold on to.

Design Idea: this could be an illustration for an editorial piece on motherhood in a magazine


Mothers Day Symbolic Logos Professional Mom

Professional moms can balance their professional and personal lives quite nicely. I will mention single mothers here because not only do they have a full-time job or a business, but they also have the strength to return home and attend to their kids’ needs. Hats off ladies!

Design Idea: can be used as a logo for an ecommerce site aimed at moms for baby items.


Mothers Day Symbolic Logos Strong Mom

A strong mother knows how to be feminine and still knows the tricks of trade to protect her family. She means business! See those muscles? Yes, she will knock you down (with style) if you try to mess with her children. Well, a strong mother is also one who spends the entire day taking care of her home. Whether it is house-wife or a working woman, mothers have a lot more strength than we can imagine.

Design Idea: a great visual for a social media campaign to celebrate Women’s Day or even Labor Day.


Mothers Day Symbolic Logos Guardian Mom

Even if a mother is not physically strong, she has the courage to guard her family. I think it is a motherly instinct. I remember one day the goons aimed their guns at me and my mother and she stood in front of me like a shield. Thank goodness nothing happened, but the point is that personality and size don’t matter here. Any mom, at the time her children need her, is there to support and protect them. She is the Guardian of the Galaxy when it comes to family and home.

Design Idea: this idea can be used by church or religious ministries as a symbol for their workshops


Mothers Day Symbolic Logos Adventurous Mom

While motherhood is an adventure in itself, many “cool” moms love to travel and do outdoor activities. Some mothers are exciting and they dare to live a life full of action! My sister-in-law has two sons and they love their mom because she likes scuba diving, trekking, bungee jumping, horse riding and speed boating among other activities.

Design Idea: travel companies aimed at mother-child adventures can use this visual for their marketing.

So what type of a mother are you? Pick one.

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