10 Reasons Native Advertising Is For Hospitality Business

How SMBs can learn and improvise their marketing strategies

What are Native Ads?

Native Advertising or Masquer-ads is a trending form of advertising, where your ads don’t actually feel like a “buy-me sales promotion campaign”. On the contrary, they look like editorial platform content.

Native Ads – a revolutionary idea that is soon going to replace banner ads – represent a lucrative platform for SMBs. The transition towards the newly inculcated phenomenon is fast and certain. According to a survey:

“25% more consumers look at in-feed native ad placements rather than standard banners.”

Now, if any hospitality business excels at its job, it will make sure that it can display a good number of sharp and interactive native ads. Truth be told, a lot of people are attracted to native ads that provide guidance on hospitality services. The rule of thumb is that if you are not visible, you don’t exist. Also, staying active on Twitter can help you gain more relevant followers in addition to staying updated with different vendors in your niche.

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Travelers and tourists are always on the move, exploring new technology. Likewise, hotels have to keep up with the pace, and build credibility via native adverts. For those of you who are not aware of native advertising, let me tell you that it has already been accounted as an advertising system that will change the landscape for marketing in the hospitality business, including restaurants, B & B’s, lodges, and guest houses.

We have examined the data from establishing hospitality businesses to test the effectiveness of in-stream ads and their metrics that are better than banner and display ads. While analyzing the efficacy of native ads, we found 10 reasons why native advertising is meant for the hospitality business. Refer to this Infographic to learn the strategies that will help you thrive as an SMB.

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