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New Year Resolution T-Shirt Designs You Gotta’ Wear In 2020

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Years pass and each passing year we have a list of commitments we make to ourselves. Of course, the aim is to fulfill them by the end of the last month that brings a ton of snow and joy.

We seem to be putting these resolutions as our social media status or telling the world about it. So why not do it in a more cool way with these amazing t-shirt designs that you can wear yourself or gift to someone you’d like to share the feeling or better yet the goal with.

You can go ahead with the ones we’ve thought up for you or you can share your tagline for the year and we will print it for you just the way you’d like. Flash your New Year Goal with your customized t-shirt graphic at home, at work or on the street.

A t-shirt with a saying that inspires you and others is just the thing we need in an automated world where words of wisdom and motivation can help people to become better in their personal and professional lives.

It can act as an energy booster for you whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, and it can remind you of your aim for the quarter or the year.

One-Minute Resolution Exercise

Okay, before we get to the visual bit let us do an exercise – right – so take a paper and pen out and you have just a minute to write your resolutions. You can write as many as you like but towards the end of the minute, make sure you’ve come down to a maximum three.

Time yourself and share them in the comments section below, or if you’d like you can start a project to get your favorite goal designed into an illustration or typography.

No need to have just plain words in your ‘to-do list’ when you can get yourself a custom-made t-shirt splashed with graphics.

Alright, now you are ready to explore these ten resolutions we came up for you.

1. Smack That Fear! Live Your Dream

Talk Less, Listen S’More

2. Hey, Don’t Be Sore – DO MORE!

Hey, Don’t Be Sore – DO MORE!

3. Learn The Hell Outa’ New Things

Learn The Hell Outa’ New Things

4. Take Some, Give Back More – High-Five to CSR

Take Some, Give Back More – High-Five to CSR

5. Let Your Creative Soul Out

6. Talk Less, Listen S’More

Talk Less, Listen S’More

7. You Can Sweat it But Don’t Quit It

You Can Sweat it But Don't Quit It

8. Embrace Problems Empower Solutions

Embrace Problems Empower Solutions

9. Fresh Mind, Fresh Start

Fresh Mind, Fresh Start

10. I am Exclusively Compulsively Positive

I am Exclusively Compulsively Positive

Of course, there can be many more and each individual will have something different they’d like to achieve in this one year. And let me tell you that whatever resolution you set for yourself needs to be implemented. Please don’t loiter in laze instead, start working towards your goal the moment you wear it on.

There is one resolution we didn’t make a t-shirt for because it might just embarrass you – Say No to Smart Phone because it is smart but it makes you stupid. You can of course still use it to stay connected but the aim is to use less of it and rely more on yourself. So good luck with that!

Well, do any of these New Year Resolutions excite you or inspire you? You can share this list with your community, friends, and family to see who is after what this year. It will be a fun thing to rotate and discuss.

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