New Year Resolutions for Graphic Designers

10 New Year Resolutions for Graphic Designers

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With the start of New Year, many people aim to live a better life and set higher goals. Being a graphic designer, what are your resolutions for the New Year? It’s time to ponder over your career and decide about what you want to change. To jumpstart your reflection process, here are ten New Year Resolutions for our design community.

1. I Will Stay Focused – Scattered Attention Is No Good!

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Focus. Focus. Focus. This is what many designers lack. Unless you give proper attention to each project, you will not create good designs. Remember, graphic designing is all about creativity and creativity comes best when you focus on one particular project rather than scattered on multiple projects.

2. I Will Be Organized – No More Frustrations

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Make sure you save the following: All records of conversations with a client, first drafts, images, templates and PSD layers. Be sure to organize each in respective folders. Many designers admit that staying organized has helped them save a lot of time, making their work a bit easier.

3. I Will Not Copy, Cheat or Create a Derivative – The New Creative Me!

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Inspirations are necessary, but copying and cheating from someone’s design (while thinking that no one would know) is the worst thing that you can possibly do. This is why it is important to know all the things that will earn you a red card. If you don’t have the mental energy to be creative then don’t take up another project. Relax. Get on it the next day but never copy.

4. I Will Stay Physically Fit – Get Up and Move!

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Take out time for physical activity, exercise, sports or just take a walk every day. Not only will this refresh your mind, but will also increase your stamina. With a good half an hour spent on physical activity, you will feel energized and energetic about working on tough projects.

5. I Will Learn New Things – Say No To Laziness!

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Stay updated if you want to get ahead in your field. With the Internet being one of the most powerful tools for information, you don’t even have to break a sweat to stay updated. Read a new article or watch a new video tutorial every day. Try your hands on a new design concept and you just might surprise yourself.

6. I Will Not Avoid Tough Clients – Difficulty Scares Me Not

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There are clients who are very picky and demand constant changes. If you have been avoiding these clients during the last year because you were afraid of taking up a challenge, then it’s time to change that! Just know that a client is paying good money for his brand image and put yourself in his/her shoes to understand why they might be so fussy. You will gradually start seeing a positive change in your attitude.

7. I Will Do Something New – Stop Being a Trend Follower

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Trends tend come and go. Do not be a trend follower! Clients may demand that you follow a trend just because they are too afraid to try anything new. However, here is where you should use your aesthetic, marketing and convincing powers. Show the clients the disadvantages of being just another design in the market. Show them the advantage of creating something unique and how it can help them stand out from the crowd.

8. I Will Aim Higher – Out Of My Comfort Zone

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Take on new, diversified challenges that will give you an experience and will build an impressive portfolio. You may be an excellent logo designer, but don’t limit yourself to just being a logo designer. Take on website designing or graphic designing. Get out of your comfort zone, learn new things and become well-rounded.

9. I Will Not Take Criticism Personally – It’s Just An Opinion

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Do not take criticism to heart; don’t be hard on yourself if you make a mistake. There are times when you don’t seem to win projects even though you worked hard or times when clients can turn fussy. Instead of reacting by being self critical, take it easy and just let it pass as a bad day.

10. I Will Work Smart – Hard Is Not Enough!

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You need to bring in efficient communication and analytical skills as well as a good understanding of handling projects when it comes to building a career. Don’t sell yourself short and don’t work too hard for the wrong type of client.

Hope these resolutions have given you enough food for thought. Drop us a line about your New Year resolutions. We would love to know what you have promised yourself this year 🙂

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