10 New Year Resolutions for Small Business Owners

We all know the numbers that surround the failure of small and local business launched every year. Even those businesses that have been established for some time are floundering because they lack the innovation to succeed in the digital world. The economy is stabilizing, consumer spending is increasing and yet, your business is going bust. This holiday season invest in technological updates in marketing by socially engaging your visitors and watch your business boom.

An excellent book by Emma Wimhurst on Boom!: 7 Disciplines to Grow Control and Add Impact to Your Business can be a good read for small business owners.

1. Go online. It’s the 21st century. A successful business needs a website.

Go online

2. Finance custom designs: Cookie cutter template design is out. Custom DIY design underlines success.

Finance custom designs

3. SEO and SEM must be a part of the budget. There are thousands of websites in competition with yours. You need to invest in SEO, and SEM to compete successfully…

SEO and SEM must be a part of the budget

4. Create a content management plan. Strategic content management is the key to successful marketing.

Create a content management plan

5. Invest in Adwords. PPC will help drive sales.

Invest in Adwords

6. Invest in cloud computing. Having files in the office is just another aspect of overheads and lost strategic data. Cloud computing is simple and efficient.

Invest in cloud computing

7. Hire a digital marketer.Content Marketing and digital marketing is different from marketing.

Hire a digital marketer

8. Do not hire link builders. You don’t build links, you create content.

Do not hirelink builders

9. Steer clear of guarantees and instant rankings. There is no such thing.

Steer clear of guarantees and instant rankings

10. Embrace 2014 technology before 2015.With constant algorithm updates businesses can only be successful if they are up to date in terms of latest trends.

Embrace 2014 technology before 2015

#Support Local Business this Holiday

Small and local businesses have so much to offer that it is a real loss when they fail to succeed not due to lack of product incentive or service innovation but rather because they lack the foresight and knowledge to invest in technological advances. Explore tips that can help increase SMEs sales in holiday season. Digital marketing is the trend of the future and understanding this trend is the key to local and small business success in the future.

I am a digital marketing consultant with a focus on small and mid-sized enterprises. I believe the focus of every business should be on creating a consistent brand identity online and offline.

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