5 Fantastic Ways NJ Restaurants Humanize Their Brands

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Pork roll, cheesestake, pizzas, and oversized proportions! New Jersey maybe known as the diners’ capital of the world, but New Jersey restaurants are much more appetizing. The unique variety of foods available in this state ensures that the local restaurants thrive here. The connections for success are created through local relationships and personal networks.

It’s the classic theory at work: people will do business with people they like and trust. Making sincere connections will build a foundation for long-term brand advocacy and loyalty.

Clarissa Felts from the Lowe’s said it best, “…social didn’t transform our culture, it revealed it.”

Social networking has not only transformed the way people market their restaurants, it has also branched into a way tune in to their customers directly. They get to know directly what customers like and dislike.

They do this by sounding human whenever they interact with their customers.

There are several amazing restaurants out there developing their brand voice to sound more like a human and less like a robot. Here’s the top ways local restaurants reached out and attempted to be more human with their customers.

1. Have a Personality

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What is the tone of your conversations? Choose how you want to portray your restaurant and keep it standard across all platforms. However, you must be consistent across all platforms when you choose your voice.

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Mexican Mariachi Grill, Hamilton NJ
Mexican Mariachi Grill likes to reach out with humor to their fans. Not only does it help keep their personality informal, it makes their posts on social media eye-catching!

2. Invest in Relationships

Invest in the people who are in your social communities. What do you know about them? Do you see them as the mass of fans and followers? Or do you see them as human beings you could be building relationships with?

Bill’s Olde Tavern, Hamilton NJ
Bill’s Olde Tavern reached out to their fans during the holiday season and reminded their fans to stay responsible even during the holiday season. They received a huge response (compared to their usual social media posts.)

3. Engage Fans & Followers

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Celebrate what your fans do with you. Create a fun thing for your customers to do that include your restaurant or makes you unique, and share what happened during it.

Jersey Girl Café, Hamilton NJ
Jersey Girl Café reached out and created an event around an unusual topic that still related back to their brand and helped connect with their customers through a skill one of their employees had.

4. Tell Your Story

Share your story as you learn. If you take your customers along for the ride as you grow, they will celebrate the wins with you as they were a reason you are there. They will be emotionally invested in your success without even knowing it.

Healthy and Delicious, Toms River NJ
Healthy and Delicious shared their journey during their first year of starting up their restaurant and how much their customers meant to them.

5. Show Team in Action

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Share the moments that you are human. Share the fun and serious moments your team has while working in the kitchens, at special events that your restaurant is promoting, and more. These glimpses into the personal side of your restaurant are important to establish how human you are.

Takeaway: Connect with Your Customers
Your customers don’t want to only see you talk about your latest dish. Your customers want to see you, listen to you, and understand what makes you unique. But they want you to inspire them to connect and engage with you.

There isn’t a trick to creating success for a restaurant business – you just need to be human about the way you forge relationships with your customers.

So what are you doing to be more human?

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