Logo Trends

The Truth About Logo Design Trends – Unfolding The Big Mystery

I’m not a fortune-teller, but a prophesier. I feel so philosophical at the moment. Well, the deal is how can you start a new year without logo design trends, right Bill Gardner? We, the critics, can’t ignore the changes in the design industry just the way a cat can’t resist milk. But this time it’s […]

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live streaming videos

10 Revolutionary Ways To Capitalize Live Streaming Videos For Business Growth In 2018

Happy New Year! With the start of 2018, I couldn’t resist to predict the destiny of this year. This time the limelight is on live video streaming that will account for 80% of all internet traffic in the next four years. How exciting right? Check out the slides below for ten revolutionary ways you can […]

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botanical packaging

15 Knockout Botanical Designs For Organic Farm Products

Organic products are all the rage these days. Whether it is organic cosmetics, organic farm fresh produce or natural farm products, people are increasingly moving towards buying non-chemical, GMO-free, organic things. This is great news for designers –because you can boost the appeal of these products by engaging in unique, creative packaging. In fact, if […]

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battle of brands

#GuruChats Highlights – The Battle Of Brands

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone and oh yes fingers crossed for the New Year! We’ve come to the end of the fourth quarter of #GuruChats and you know what it was absolutely amazing, especially because all of our wonderful guests and experts glistened the chat with their presence, perspectives and tips. We thought […]

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purple and yellow logos

5 Different Meanings You Can Draw From Purple & Yellow In Logos

Colors are not static elements. All colors exude certain energy, and human beings pick up on that energy. This is why colors are able to elicit an emotional response in us. Be it in interior design, fashion design or logo design, colors can give us important emotional cues that play up in our subconscious and […]

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Customer Experience

#GuruChats Highlights: Back To The Future With Customer Experience

Tell you what, it is the smile on someone’s face serving the cookie that makes the treat sweeter. Today we’re heading towards a future that holds something immersive and exciting, full of magic and surprise. In just three years, customer experience (CX) will become a key brand differentiator topping both product and price. In this […]

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