#GuruChats Highlights – Debunking Budget Branding Myths

When it comes to budgeting, everyone pretends that it isn’t needed after all it is the most strenuous part of doing business. Why, you may ask. Well, because it’s that time of the year when you have to decide how much (money) to put where. While some business owners think that assigning a budget for […]

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Color Inspirations

10 Superb Sources Of Color Inspirations To Design Your Logo

How do you select the perfect color palette for your company? When it comes to your logo, you want it to stand out after all as graphic designer David Airey suggests it is the face of your company. You want all the elements to synchronize but you want the colors to be spot on because […]

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LogoDesignGuru Updates

A Breath Of Fresh Air – The New And Improved Logo Design Guru

Oh, this is exciting! We’re happy to announce our “new” website is LIVE. Something was surely cooking behind the curtains and it wasn’t a plain cheese pasta. We were working hard to make a stunning user-interface and an efficient user-experience so our clients and designers can work on the platform with ease. The new Logo […]

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#GuruChats: Engagement Vs Retention Vs Conversion – The Customer Love Triangle

Your customer is ‘that special’ unique ‘someone’ you hope will crush on you. For that you need to entice them, engage with them and remain interesting to them. This requires a thorough planning for acquisition engagement and retention. While there is a segment of marketers targeting the pro-active consumers ready to swipe their credit cards, […]

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Laborious Tools

The Lost World: Laborious Tools And Techniques Of Graphic Design

Have you ever used a composing stick for typography? I bet only those who know the history of graphic design are aware of the back-breaking instruments and processes designers used once to create books, magazines, newspapers, posters and other design items by hand. It was hard labor accompanied by cuts from blades and hazardous toxins […]

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edited feature image

Alan Peckolick – When Typography Takes Center Stage In Graphic Design

If you’re a design enthusiast, you may know about the demise of a world renowned graphic designer Alan Peckolick. He is one of the leading sources of inspiration for typographers because just like Saul Bass’s ingenuity and flair in design, Peckolick had an artistically elevating aesthetic sense especially when typography takes center stage in graphic […]

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