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[Part 3] Logo Design Trends 2020 – Beyond The Basics

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Did you check out the previous two logo design trends infographics? If yes, then you’ll know why I have called this one “beyond the basics”. If you still haven’t, run through part 1 and part 2 of the series to solve this mystery. And while others are checking that out, let us (you and I) explore designs and if you like you can create your trendy logo design with any of the trends mentioned below.

Let us admit we are super-excited about the New Year because we have (all) officially entered the futuristic zone! The time when robots won’t be anything new, artificial intelligence will not surprise us, three-dimensional printing will become a mundane word, and visual designing won’t leave any stone unturned.

Haven’t you already seen? Brands are taking the branding game up a notch with augmented reality and virtual reality. Even something as small as a logo design is being pasted everywhere from print design to digital design. Even though many companies are creating simplistic wordmark logos or lettermark logos, they are using these symbolic visuals everywhere.

Nevertheless, there are those experimental beings as well who like breaking conventions and trying something new. This article is about these brands that have given an extra edge to their logo designs.

Be like them: Be different. Be unique. Be adventurous.

And don’t copy. Pull out something original.

What can I do more with my logo? If this question is spinning in your mind, then you are in the right direction. Don’t stick to the usual ideas, bring something new to the table. How? Build an experience around your brand identity design.

  1. Use technology such as hologram to present your logo in trade show events. Researchers at University of Sussex found a cutting-edge to display holograms, so that viewers cannot just see the visual but also feel and hear. Just imagine if your logo can be seen, heard and felt?
  2. While that idea is still in the making, try the glow in the dark technique. For famous fashion brands, their logo is their identity that allows them to charge people premium prices. Gigi Hadid was spot wearing a Polo Sport track suit that glowed at night. The neon yellow-colored thick stripes under the logo and the name really highlighted her attire.
  3. Polo Sport
    Image Source: Getty/ROBA, JUJU

  4. Collaborate with companies that produce popular cultural art and movies. For example, McDonald’s is offering happy meal toys inspired by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The fans of Star Wars are most likely to buy the products and identify with the fast food brand in a unique way.
  5. 3D print your logo design and incorporate it in your marketing efforts. Use it as your door name plate, give it out as customized badges to your employees, use it in events as a decoration, or use it as part of an award sculpture. Here is a video demonstrating what a process of three-dimensional designing and printing looks like.
  6. Create conceptual art inspired by your logo. For instance, Karina Wiciak, an architect from Poland, created a number of concept homes using famous brand logos. You can either hire such designers or give your in-house team the challenge to create a piece of art based on the corporate logo.

create a piece

While you may focus on the experience and the interaction, know that to do all this you need a brand logo. When people ask you what’s in a logo, give them these examples and they will know its importance.

A logo isn’t just the face of your business but much more than that. It is the soul of your company, and while many people may want to argue with me on this – tell me, how many brands can you recognize without looking at their logos? A pair of Levis jeans is only identifiable instantly with that logo tag at the back. If that is not there, it will take people time to figure out that those jeans belong to that brand.

Once you have calculated the worth of having a logo, design one following either the basic principles of visual identity design or swoosh your wand to produce something extraordinary.

The choice is yours to make!

Enough explaining and motivation, it is time for some logo inspiration. Look at each logo and see what makes it stand out from the rest. Take out a note pad and list the things you feel make these logos inventive. If you want, you can share the observations with me in the comments below.

Logo Design Trends 2020 – Beyond The Basics

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