Paul Rand – Corporate Logo Design Legend!

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If you haven’t heard of amazing corporate logo designer named Paul Rand, you’re in for a treat! Paul Rand is a 20th century American art director and graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs such as IBM, UPS, Enron, ABC, and Steve Jobs’s NeXT.

Paul Rand was a versatile designer whose career can be divided into three periods. From 1937–1941, he worked in media promotion and book design; from 1941–1954, he focused more on advertising design; and from 1954 on, he began to concentrate on corporate identity programs, producing some of the most iconic logos and identity marks of the modern age.

If you want a master class in how to design simple, timeless, and eye-catching logo designs that have never gone out of style, you need to review his works and decipher why his work has lasted for so long and apply it to your own designs.

There have been many articles over the years discussing what makes Paul Rand great so I won’t rehash that for you here, but what I will share are some of the interesting facts I uncovered about him that you probably have missed.

If you could ask Paul Rand a question about corporate design, what would it be?

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