Philippines: The New ‘India’ of Graphic Design Outsourcing

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Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) in the Philippines

Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) in the Philippines is the fastest growing industry boasting an annual revenue that covers 15% of the global outsourcing markets and the tightly controlled IT-BPO in the Philippines offers only the higher end outsourcing processes like business analysis, technology development and web design to name a few.

Why the Philippines?

Graphic designing has always been a popular field in the Philippines but in the past the lack of technology in the nation forced many aspiring designers to choose different options. Those that did meet the challenges and entered the field brightened the future of graphic design by offering in their visuals, the diversity and richness of the Filipino culture. The graphic designs of the nation are markedly recognizable by the rich colors, elegant lines and the sheer energy of the combination of elements.

Jeepney Ride by Explosivo

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An example that catches the eye of every international tourist is the ‘jeepney’ a form of transport on the roads of the nation which reflects the funky colors and imaginative designs that come out when the designers get to work.

India vs. Philippines in Graphic Design Conceptualization

Philippines vs India in BPO

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The one problem international clients from the West have with India, is that they don’t seem to understand the business culture in the US. They have the visuals, and they create stunning graphics but a logo graphic design has to go beyond just the visual. It has to be a statement.

The designers in Philippines get it. Consider the words of Myles Deflin a Logo Designer from the Philippines who says:

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“…a logo is a mark that clients can use to visually identify their company or their products. Brand, on the other hand, is the narrative – it is the story of why there is a company, a logo, or a product and how they are valuable to the customer. Logos are designed through a creative process, brands are built over time through engagement and innovation. I explain it that way because I want clients to realize that once we’ve designed the logo, they will still need to tell their story to the customer. The logo and the brand are two different things that always have to work together.

Hiring a Designer from the Philippines:

  1. Filipinos are more fluent in English and are highly skilled in their field of technical expertise.
  2. They are hard workers and value work in terms of quality and results.
  3. Though they are dependable in terms of delivering work the technological conditions of the nation are still limited and depending on their location their connectivity maybe limited.
  4. They have the skills to be more direct in communication and less constrained by cultural norms and traditions.

Spotlight on Christerbert de Silva-Award Winning Designer from the Philippines

BSDC Student Tops Philippine Logo Design Awards 2013

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A student of the College of Development Communication (CDC) at University of Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) Christerbert de Silva won the top award in the Philippine Logo Design Awards in 2013. He won amongst 165 Philippine based designers who participated in the competition and his design was chosen from 232 other designs.

The Problems in the Outsourcing Industry

India was at one time the nation boasting the largest amount of designers working in the outsourcing industry. It was a nation whose name was synonymous with technology. However, the sheer number of freelancers working within the industry, and the lack of quality standards being applied in their work has created a fiasco for businesses. They get the cheap labor but lack a consistency of quality that hurts the bottom line. Focusing on the design industry, the trend was, hire graphic designers in India, Pakistan and Indonesia for cheap rates and get your work done for the half the budget allotted.

However, the outsourcing industry in the past ten years has become more sophisticated and managed to understand that less money does not always uphold the time and effort spent in resolving the problems that occur from the low quality of the work provided. Since there are no standards of quality being applied, the risk is, you could end up paying less for a crappy design and then have to start the process all over again!

Don’t get me wrong there are some awesome workers in all those countries. However, the fact is there are so many of them that it is hard identify the really professional workers, who will provide the design work required at an international standard of quality.

Promise of the Future

The Philippines has created a design pool that is more creative and offers better value for the buck. The fact is the outsourcing industry has realized that they need to focus on skill and competence rather than low cost solution to actually ensure progress in the industry. Philippines offers exactly what the industry expects.

I am a digital marketing consultant with a focus on small and mid-sized enterprises. I believe the focus of every business should be on creating a consistent brand identity online and offline.

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