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[Video Guide] Kickass Political Logo Techniques: Designing Better For A Leader

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First of all congrats America you have a new president! Looks like Donald Trump’s personal branding strategies won. This news is Christmas for some and for many Halloween isn’t over. Nevertheless, the point is

  • This year’s election proves anyone can become the President of America. Keep your name in the list for next time.
  • If you’ll run in the next presidential election you need a unique and convincing political logo design with all the complementary marketing stationery.
  • And if you’re a graphic designer, please make some attractive and meaningful political logo designs.

Point Of A Custom Logo In Politics

Great speeches were a plus point back when Martin Luther King Jr. made a strong impression in the American political scene with his visionary words but in this visual design century, a great face will affect your score card and help you build an influential brand identity.

So whether you’re a celebrity as upfront as Lady Gaga or a physician like Jill Stein running for presidency, ‘you can’t survive the race without a face’ (unintentional rhyme). Keep this in mind when the next elections take place. You’ll have enough time to search for inspirations, come up with an awesome idea, and make an epic logo.

When Political Logos Go Wrong – You Correct Yours!

You may be thinking that Trump’s logo “wasn’t all that” yet he influenced voters. Well, think again! When he paired with Mike Pence and redesigned his logo, there were a lot of nasty criticisms floating across the social media.

So like I said the world is hungry for visuals and it’s ready to rip your logo apart! This is why you need a ‘good’ logo, ever heard of it? There is an entire community of designers, brand managers, publishers, critics and people in general who have eagle eyes on you and scrutinize every visual element of your branding – and it all starts with a logo.

And while Hillary Clinton didn’t win the election this year, her logo design won many hearts, especially of those citizens belonging to the various minorities and subcultures of America. The lettermark with the symbolic forward arrow received positive reviews in general. However, after Trump’s win this is how some Tweeps interpreted Hillary’s logo.

Jeez! This is why you must know “expert tips” to create a logo that marks your flag on the moon.

Why Learn Political Logo Techniques?

A logo designer willing to learn how to make a custom logo for a leader then this video is your guide. It’s full of tips and tricks you can bookmark for when you’ll make a logo for let’s say the potential future president or when your teacher gives you an assignment based around the political theme.

Things That Matter In A Political Logo – Don’t Try These Stunts!

Although you have the details to design a winning logo in the video, I’ll mention three things that can break your political image. While it’s important to know what to do, you need to know what not to do.

Self-Centeredness: Not Needed

You don’t become a leader to fuel your self-obsessiveness (selfie is enough for that) like the exclamation mark in Jeb Bush’s logo. The last thing you want is to look like the material girls who’re full of themselves and hardly anyone likes them. At the end, they lose.

Senseless Humor Gets You Nowhere

Founder of AudienceBloom, Jayson DeMers proposes that humor humanizes a brand and “when we laugh together, we tear down walls and bond with each other.” The only wall I know about throughout the election season is the “Trump Wall” and a funny logo won’t tear it down.

Wrong Color At The Wrong Time

If any of your favorite candidate’s logo was in pink, would you like them? If you’re Elle Woods, you’ll enter the court in pink as a lawyer but in reality things are different from movies. Somethings are serious (everyone’s future depends on it) and some colors don’t represent that.

Ready to make the next big impact with your political logo? Prepare from today!

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