Pre-Setting the Route for Graphic Design

A New Year brings in new plans and a new route for graphic design for the next year, and it is also the time of the year when we review our work. Designers and creative pool of our society is more inclined towards exploring the upcoming trends and styles in graphic design and implement them to get traction. Well! Here I’m, making your job easy. Reviewing, the last few years of work in graphic and web design, I have highlighted design trends for 2015. Though, we have chased them already in 2014. However, these would be bigger than ever in the coming year.

Minimalism on the Roll


We have already observed brands redesigning their websites, logos, stationary and business cards in 2014. Most of them followed the trend of minimalism in their designs. If your brand identity is not updated to fit the running trends, then you need to revamp it.



Cut the Clutter Approach

Cut the Clutter approach

Designers in 2015 will move towards simplistic ways, avoiding unnecessary content exaggeration. Because presenting too much of information may lead to misinterpretation.

Multifaceted Designs

Multifaceted Designs

You would observe a versatile design trend in 2015, where designers would be providing contrasting interfaces to viewers. This will make user experience more consistent and reliable.

Scroll and Roll


Designs will become more sophisticated and less time consuming in this year. Because, now you would not have to wait and click through everything as it gets bizarre.

Fancy Typography is Out

Fancy Typography is outt

This year designers will be celebrating a modest typography year. Yeah! You would see the designs with less fancy and more robust fonts.

Tints are in Vogue

Tints are in Vogue

Do the vibrant shades and over done designs, hurt your eyes? This year we say no to vivacious colors. I would say that it is ok to use muted tones in graphics for a soothing effect.

6 Chronicles Navigating Design Trends in 2015

This infographics sums up the design trends that would be chased in 2015. Designers are more likely to move towards simplistic design forms, adopting minimalism approach. Overall, this year is a celebration for more organized and less clichéd user experience.

6 Chronicles Navigating Design Trends in 2015

What do you think: Is it possible to make the designs more lively and dynamic with simplistic and muted design approach?

A philanthropist by nature, Shyrose Vastani is professionally working as a digital media marketer and visual design blogger. She is a visual media enthusiast with keen interests in research, business trends and graphic design. With a background in psychology, she is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge about visual media and its impact on consumer behavior and people in general.

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